• Build a more sustainable data center

    By partnering with Dell Technologies, you’re taking the first step to reducing costs and realizing your sustainability goals as you benefit from energy efficient hardware, as-a-Service models, recycling services and more. 

    • Jump start sustainable growth

      With efficient hardware, AI and software-led applications, as-a-Service models and more, Dell Technologies is your true end-to-end solutions partner in sustainability.

    • APEX AIOps

      APEX AIOps

      APEX AIOps Infrastructure Observability uses AI to simplify IT management and optimize the health, cybersecurity and sustainability of your Dell core, edge and multicloud infrastructure.

    • Sustainability on PowerEdge Servers

      Energy efficiency and advancing sustainability

      Discover cutting-edge sustainability with our Tier 1 vendor's real-time Server carbon emissions measurement and tracking. Boost energy efficiency, streamline infrastructure, and enjoy adaptable cooling for any environment. Achieve power-efficient operations and improve decision-making with Dell OpenManage Enterprise Power Manager. Drive sustainable initiatives while maximizing performance for your business.

    • Storage Solutions

      Advance your sustainability ambitions

      Innovations in flash storage, data deduplication, and compression enable you to reduce your hardware needs and save energy, all while reducing your physical and carbon footprint in the data center. For example, PowerStore is up to 60% more energy efficient than its most previous version with new ENERGY STAR certification, providing dramatic increases in both density and performance per watt1, and PowerMax is the #1 most energy-efficient mission-critical storage in the industry.2

    • Dell APEX

      Reduce waste in the data center by up to 34%

      Elevating IT Sustainability as a Core Corporate Initiative. Prolong product lifecycles, eliminate overprovisioning, and curb e-waste. A synergy of business and environmental benefits. Optimize IT environment size with APEX, enabling seamless scaling and energy waste reduction.3

    • Networking

      PowerSwitch leads in efficiency

      Dell is the only one in our industry with ENERGY STAR rated networking hardware.4 Dell PowerSwitch offers all the power and performance of traditional chassis switches in a smaller form factor that requires less power, and cooling and reduces the overall rack space.5

    • Liquid Cooling

      Data Center Innovations

      As AI, HPC and other workloads increase the power density and cooling needs of data centers, liquid cooling technologies offer a solution that can improve performance, energy efficiency and sustainability.

    • Sustainable Products & Solutions

      Driving sustainability at every step

      Sustainable innovation is at the top of our priority list. Discover our products and solutions which are designed with a focus on reducing waste, energy use and emissions.

    • Product Carbon Footprint

      Reducing our impact, driving progress

      A product's carbon footprint (PCF) helps us understand its impact on the environment, providing valuable insight to design more sustainably.

    • Modular Data Centers

      This is how you take the edge

      Deploy technology at the edge or anywhere your data is generated with modularized, integrated racks, fully configured and ready to handle your IT needs now and for the long haul.

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    • 1 CLM-005843. Based on Dell analysis comparing maximum IOPS per Watt for PowerStore 1200 base appliance configurations with PowerStoreOS 3.0 vs. PowerStore 1000 base appliance configuration with PowerStoreOS 2.0. Actual results vary.

      2Based on Dell’s analysis of published product specs and features impacting power usage of PowerMax versus competitive mainstream arrays supporting open systems and mainframe storage operating at 8PBe, June 2023.

      3 Lamoure, A. (2021, October 4). Build a sustainable future by supporting the circular economy. Dell Technologies. Retrieved from https://www.dell.com/en-us/blog/build-a-sustainable-future-by-supporting-the-circular-economy/

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