Isilon OneFS 8.2.2 New Features, Functionality and Enhancements

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Code currency is a significant initiative at Dell which encourages our customers and partners worldwide to update their systems in order to benefit from the latest enhancements and new features now available for our products. Isilon’s recent release of version 8.2.2 offers an opportunity for customers to migrate from older code versions (7.0 – 8.1.2) to the newest 8.2.2 version now launched. Improvements were made in releases earlier than 8.2 which improved CloudPools and other features. But now with version 8.2.2, customers can begin leveraging all of the advances now ready to assist you in getting the most out of Isilon OneFS and start maximizing your system’s performance today.

Upgrading to the latest version of Isilon OneFS allows you to avoid common technical challenges through available fixes and patches, as well as gaining further performance stability, and enhanced protection for your system from security threats. We highly encourage customers to install the latest Roll-up Patches (RUPs), Node Firmware Packages (NFPs), and Drive Support Packages (DSPs) as well, to further enhance performance and resolve known issues regularly.

The comprehensive scope of the Isilon OneFS 8.2.2 release includes:

  • Cluster Scaling up to 252 Nodes
  • Performance Statistics for SMB
  • SmartQuotas Improvements including support for 500K and Percentage-Based Quotas
  • Support for Hadoop Data Encryption (TDE)
  • SyncIQ Encryption for Secure Replication over WAN and other untrusted networks
  • Introduction of small-file efficiency jobs for defragmenting shadow stores and opening up SFSE to low-write archive workloads beyond healthcare PACS
  • Removal of flash dependency for WebUI
  • CloudPools 2.0
  • CloudIQ Monitoring
  • H5600 in-line Data Reduction and support for in-line Compress and Deduplication on the deep-hybrid H5600 platform
  • Large File support for 16TB files
  • 25GbE support for front-end 25Gb Ethernet Connectivity
  • NFS Performance Dataset Monitoring and Performance Statistics for NFS Protocol
  • NDU and Parallel Upgrades

Ideally, code currency should be prioritized every 12 months to ensure your product is running the latest product version of Isilon OneFS available. Checking monthly for new RUPs, NFPs, and DSPs and applying updates will ensure you have the latest code levels to provide the highest level of cluster performance and stability. Keeping your Isilon OneFS code current reduces the need for Service Requests and proactively prevents common technical issues now resolved in the latest new product release.

It is a best practice while upgrading to adopt the latest code release and apply all applicable RUPs (Roll Up Patches) and firmware packages. If you are ready to upgrade, you can refer to upgrade procedures on our SolVe Online Portal. If you need any assistance, our Dell Service Engineers and Support Account Managers are ready to assist you through our Online Support site and MyService360. Learn more in the Isilon OneFS Contents White Paper.

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Topics in this article