• Cloud Networking

    • Simplify management of cloud networking resources

    • Cloud networking is transforming how organizations connect users, customers, data, workloads and digital experiences. By providing access to virtual routers, firewalls, bandwidth and network management resources via the internet, cloud networking simplifies and automates functions while increasing uptime, improving service and reducing costs. 

      For IT teams, managing cloud networking has grown more complicated as enterprises adopt a growing number of cloud technologies and environments. This complexity results in added costs, slower migrations and limits on the innovation that enterprises need to stay competitive.

      Dell Technologies Cloud offers an answer: a set of cloud infrastructure solutions for hybrid cloud environments that dramatically simplify the task of managing multiple cloud resources.

    • Cloud Use Cases — cloud migration and apps

      Dell Technologies Cloud can help modernize your data center, unify hybrid cloud operations, build modern cloud apps and scale or migrate cloud workloads.

    • The promise of cloud networking

    • The era of traditional networks is over. Increasingly, business services and customer experiences are delivered through the cloud. Users connect to cloud services via multiple devices, while applications are run on distributed infrastructure made possible by cloud computing. Traditional networks — with physical computers, servers, routers and switches — can no longer deliver the speed, scalability, reliability or security that cloud computing requires.

      Cloud networking provides access to virtualized infrastructure – routers, firewalls, bandwidth and management software — required for building, managing and optimizing networks. By automating functions such as maintenance, updating and patching, virtual networks can run more efficiently while scaling with ease. Cloud security policies can be deployed easily and enforced across the network, and network reliability can be significantly improved.

      But as enterprises adopt Cloud networking solutions and other elastic cloud technologies, IT teams are faced with a Cloud management problem. With each new cloud platform, IT administrators must use a different set of tools for managing and configuring services, making it difficult to toggle between environments efficiently and securely. Migrating workloads between platforms becomes far more complicated, causing migrations that should take hours or days to last weeks or months instead. As a result, enterprises are missing out on the benefits that drew them to cloud services initially.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud

    • As a leading cloud company, Dell Technologies Cloud solves the challenge of managing cloud networking and multiple cloud resources by making it easier to deploy and manage a hybrid cloud. Dell Technologies Cloud provides the simplicity, flexibility and economics of public cloud with the security, control and reliability of private cloud infrastructure — anywhere from the edge to data centers. A broad portfolio of services helps enterprises formulate a cloud strategy that aligns with business goals.

    • Solutions for a multicloud world

    • Dell Technologies Cloud comprises a suite of business cloud solutions that improve the cloud experience and provide a consistent operating model for easier management across all cloud assets. Dell Technologies Cloud includes:

      • A turnkey platform, VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, that offers a highly scalable HCI platform, tools for cloud management and orchestration, full stack integration and everything IT teams need to run, manage, automate and secure application portfolios across all cloud environments.
      • Validated Designs, providing pre-tested, best-of-breed Dell Technologies infrastructure that makes it easier to meet the demands of varied workloads with independent scaling of compute and storage.
      • Data Center-as-a-Service, providing robust on-premises Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities at core data center and edge locations, delivered as a fully managed, subscription-based solution.
      • Partner Clouds, including support for Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Platform and 4200 additional providers, that seamlessly extends the hybrid cloud experience.

    • Use cases: real solutions for better outcomes

    • With a successful hybrid cloud IT strategy, organizations can build on existing tools and skills that unlock better outcomes. With Dell Technologies Cloud, enterprises can:

      • Modernize the data center, blending capital and operational expenses to achieve the perfect cost structure while achieving the agility of a public cloud.
      • Migrate to the cloud using familiar tools and models to accelerate migration.
      • Scale on-demand, seamlessly extending a hybrid cloud environment to deliver resources and resiliency without adding complexity.
      • Leverage multiple clouds, eliminating complexity and retaining control by relying on consistent infrastructure and operational models across clouds.
      • Accelerate modern apps — Dell Technologies Cloud features deep integration that delivers a simple and direct path to Kubernetes at scale.

    • FAQs: What is cloud networking?

    • What is cloud networking?

      Cloud networking is an IaaS offering where network capabilities and resources are made available on-demand, offered by a third-party cloud service provider via the internet or a dedicated network connection. Cloud networking resources may include virtual routers, firewalls and bandwidth along with network management software and other tools or infrastructure.

      What are the benefits of cloud networking?

      Cloud working enable enterprises to:

      • Reduce the cost of provisioning and managing network resources.
      • Scale network infrastructure easily as business requirements dictate.
      • Increase network uptime with enhanced security, greater reliability and more efficient management.
      • Improve network speed and reliability.
    • Dell Technologies Cloud

      Simplify, streamline and automate cloud operations with Dell Technologies Cloud — the industry's fastest hybrid cloud deployment.

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      Dell Technologies Cloud enables consistent cloud management across all major public, private, and hybrid clouds with a single vendor experience.

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      Dell Technologies Cloud Consulting experts share cloud application and operating model best practices to help take your cloud journey from the whiteboard to production.