Managed Detection and Response Pro Plus

Resolve top SecOps concerns with a fully-managed, 360° solution

Security professionals face more frequent and intense cyberattacks. Organizations must prevent threat actors from probing, exploiting and damaging their environment. When an incident occurs, they must quickly detect it, investigate and respond.

Dell Technologies designed MDR Pro Plus with your top security concerns in mind. Our fully-managed, 360° security operations solution helps you prevent and respond to attacks and initiate recovery if a breach occurs. Our experts work with your internal security team to steadily improve your security posture and continuously stay prepared.

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Prevent threat actors from exploiting your environment

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VULNERABILITY MANAGEMENT Identify and prioritize vulnerabilities in your IT environment

  • Get a complete picture of vulnerabilities across your environment
  • Prioritize vulnerabilities to patch first based on vulnerability severity
  • Receive quarterly reviews with recommendations on vulnerability prioritization

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PEN TESTING AND ATTACK SIMULATION MANAGEMENT Ensure your security controls are working properly

  • Validate security controls with breach and attack simulations (BAS) across multiple attack vectors
  • Inspect high-risk pathways through pen testing that emulates threat actor techniques
  • Understand security control status, trends and changing environments via year-round reports

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MANAGED SECURITY AWARENESS TRAINING Make security awareness top of mind in your organization

  • Provide year-round security training to your employees, delivered in bite-sized modules
  • Customize training based on employee role, level of threat exposure and progress
  • Receive monthly reports showing each employee’s progress

In the event of an attack or incident, Dell is quick to respond

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MANAGED DETECTION AND RESPONSE Monitor, detect and respond to threats 24/7

  • Investigate threats across entire IT environment
  • Benefit from Dell security expertise combined with your choice of select industry-leading XDR platforms
  • Trace threat actor activity, end-to-end

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INCIDENT RECOVERY CARE Recover with Dell expertise

  • Assess the situation and promptly begin recovery work with ready-to-use hours
  • Restore operations thoroughly due to Dell team’s expertise and familiarity with your environment
  • Get Incident Recovery Care with MDR Pro Plus because we’re confident that our services to prevent and respond to attacks will lead to a strengthened security posture

Not ready for MDR Pro Plus?

Get MDR Pro for vulnerability management and 24/7 threat detection and investigation.

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MANAGED DETECTION AND RESPONSE PRO MDR Pro combines Dell Vulnerability Management scanning and prioritization with Dell MDR 24/7 threat detection and response

  • Monitor your environment around-the-clock for threats
  • Detect suspicious activity and determine intent
  • Scan and prioritize vulnerabilities to help ensure your environment is protected
  • Get a full view of vulnerabilities across an expanding attack surface
  • Leverage Dell expertise, global scale and operational excellence