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    LTE-enabled Dell Device

    Congratulations on your LTE-enabled Dell device

    This tutorial provides instructions for setting up the LTE connection on your Dell device.

    Our 4G laptops ensure that you have internet where you want it. With LTE-enabled devices, say goodbye to paying for hotel, airport and conference center network access; unreliable free Wi-Fi Hotspots; and unsecured smartphone tethering.

    There are three ways to get online with your Dell LTE-enabled device* depending on your setup. Determine which setup applies to you and follow the below instructions.

    LTE Activation

    SIM with Mobile Network Pre-installed or Installed Post-Sale

    If you have ordered your device with a SIM card for a specific mobile carrier or with a SIM card installed post-sale:

    Dell LTE Activation1. Insert the SIM card into the SIM slot of your Dell device. If the SIM card is preinstalled via factory, please skip this step.

    2. Find the website of the SIM card’s corresponding carrier.
    Dell LTE Activation3. To activate through your carrier’s website, you may be required to provide the IMEI and ICCID codes of the LTE modem installed in your machine. If this information is required, it can be found under the “System Details” option in your MyDell app.
    4. Complete your carrier account activation via the carrier website.
    5. Now connect your device to the cellular network. Go to Cellular settings by selecting Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular and then select the corresponding SIM from the menu to get online.
    Dell LTE Activation6. Next you must configure the correct carrier access point name (APN). Check the APN name provided by your carrier. If it is correctly displayed as the left (through clicking the “Network” icon on the Windows task bar) then you are successfully connected with the corresponding carrier’s LTE network.

    dell-lte-activationEnable / Disable / Modify SIM PIN for uSIM (For China Unicom ONLY)
    Enabling the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) Personal Identification Number (PIN) locks the SIM card so it cannot be used until the correct code is entered. If the incorrect PIN code is entered 3 times, the SIM will be locked, refer to the PIN Unblocking Key (PUK) on the back of your SIM card attached to your PC to unlock the SIM. Please note that the PUK can only be retried 10 times with an incorrect PUK code, exceeding this amount will result the SIM card being permanently disabled.

    More Windows LTE connection details can be found under:

    A plastic eSIM enables you to purchase cellular access through the Mobile Plans app in Windows 10. Depending on your current mobile operator, you may be able to add your Dell device to your current account, or you will need to sign up with a new carrier:
    dell-lte-activation1. Go to Cellular settings in the Mobile Plans app by selecting Settings > Network & Internet > Cellular and select the SIM from the menu.

    2. Select Connect with a data plan.

    3. In the Mobile Plans app, follow the instructions to add your device to your current mobile account. If your mobile operator doesn’t offer plans through the Mobile Plans app, you can sign up with a new mobile operator with an option to buy from them if you choose.

    Please refer to the below Microsoft links for more information on eSIM activation and Microsoft Mobile Plans.
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