Get in the Know: Dedupe + Compression – New Features for Dell Unity

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Let’s face it: data storage needs are not getting any smaller. In fact, they continue to grow, giving you a tremendous opportunity to sell the right solutions to best fit your customer needs—not just now but well into the future. But with that, customers need reassurance in the products they invest in and confidence that you as their partner can help steer them down the right path.

Knowing how critical trust in your customer relationships are, Dell wants to give you some exciting insight into some new future features coming this fall within our Midrange portfolio so you have the inside scoop and can help keep your customers best interest in mind.

Ultra-Efficient Storage for a Wide Range of Workloads and Applications

Efficiency within our industry leading Midrange Storage portfolio is a critical piece of our products success. That is why we are excited to share our latest enhancement of deduplication for Dell Unity.  By combining deduplication and compression, you will now be able to offer your customers ultra-efficient storage for a wide range of workloads and applications.

Later this year we’ll unveil our data deduplication capabilities for Dell Unity – something you have been waiting for.  We wanted to give an early glimpse into this technology because we value our partners and want you to be aware of how this will further help your customers advance their IT modernization efforts. These new features leverage a variety of advanced patents to eliminate redundant data. They are optimized to ensure the most efficient use of available hardware resources.  In fact, we’ll support these improvements for all current and previous generations of Dell Unity.

Designed as an extension of inline compression, applications that have compression enabled will automatically get more efficient. Best of all, deduplication will be available as a no-cost, with non-disruptive upgrade. Therefore providing a higher level of consistent performance that your customers expect while lowering costs – which is a win-win situation.


We are dedicated to our relationship with our partners, for you are the foundation of our success and our partnership is key. Therefore, strong communication is key.  With great new technologies coming from Dell, we’ll share more information as we reach the next milestone on our IT Transformation journey. Stay tuned!

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Topics in this article