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    • Optimize cloud workloads with hybrid cloud solutions

    • The enormous diversity of cloud computing services today has enabled IT teams to adopt multiple platforms to accommodate diverse cloud workloads. By aligning the resources of a cloud service with the needs of a specific workload, IT teams can increase application performance, reduce consumption costs and avoid vendor lock-in. But managing this read Multicloud infrastructure can be chaotic and complex, adding significant cost and limiting the ability of cloud investments to accelerate innovation.

      The answer: a hybrid cloud infrastructure with a common management plane that enables IT teams to easily manage cloud workloads across public, private and edge cloud resources. For enterprises seeking an industry-leading hybrid cloud technology, Dell Technologies provides a comprehensive solution.

    • APEX Cloud Services

      APEX Cloud Services offer compute and storage resources that enable secure and consistent infrastructure and operations for your workloads across private and public cloud 

    • The challenge of managing public cloud workloads

    • As the cloud has evolved over the past decade, the diversity of new cloud solutions has provided IT teams with a wider array of options for managing cloud workloads. Cloud vendors typically offer a range of service capabilities that feature significant differences in functionality, performance and price. By adopting multiple cloud solutions, IT teams can run cloud workloads on the cloud service that is best aligned with the needs of the application and the business. As a result, enterprises can optimize cost performance, increase availability, manage data privacy and compliance with greater granularity, and have more geographic control over where cloud workloads are run.

      Unfortunately, there is a downside to managing cloud workloads across a number of public and private cloud resources. Each cloud platform features different management and operations tools. Migrating workloads between platforms can be complex. Inconsistent SLAs increase the management burden on IT administrators, and inconsistent security postures across platforms can significantly increase risk for the organization.

      To continue to reap the benefits of a Multicloud architecture, IT teams need solutions that can provide a consistent management and operations experience while improving cloud workload and application mobility. That’s where Dell Technologies Cloud offers tremendous value.

    • Managing cloud workloads with Dell Technologies Cloud

    • Dell Technologies Cloud simplifies operations and improves cloud economics by providing a consistent management experience across all public, private and edge cloud resources. A solution engineered by Dell Technologies, Dell Technologies Cloud provides the simplicity, flexibility and economics of public cloud and the security, control and reliability of private cloud infrastructure.

      As an end-to-end suite of cloud solutions, Dell Technologies Cloud includes:
      • VMware Cloud Foundation on VxRail, a turnkey platform for managing hybrid clouds. This digital native infrastructure foundation for Dell Technologies Cloud provides tools for running, managing, automating and securing application cloud workloads across multiple clouds.
      VMware Cloud on Dell Technologies, a fully managed subscription-based Data Center-as-a-Service solution. This cloud as a service solution provides robust on-premises Infrastructure-as-a-Service capabilities in data center and edge locations.
      Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs, pre-tested infrastructure with extensive deployment guidance. Providing best-of-breed Dell Technologies storage, compute and networking resources that are interoperable with VMware Cloud Foundation, this solution provides hybrid cloud infrastructure with prescriptive building blocks that enable organizations to meet the varied demands of cloud workloads with independent scaling of compute and storage.
      Support for all major clouds. With Dell Technologies Cloud, enterprises can extend their hybrid cloud environments to the world’s broadest cloud provider ecosystem that includes hyperscalers like AWS, Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform as well as 4,200 additional cloud providers.

    • Enhance workload mobility. Increase efficiency. Accelerate migration.

    • By managing cloud workloads with Dell Technologies Cloud, IT teams can:
      Accelerate innovation. Dell Technologies Cloud enables IT teams to access elastic cloud capacity for rapid scale up and scale down, and to more effectively align cloud workloads with the right cloud resources to improve agility.
      Streamline management. Dell Technologies Cloud provides a common set of tools and consistent infrastructure that makes managing public, private and edge cloud resources far easier.
      Reduce cost. By working with flexible pricing models from an optimal mix of public, private and edge cloud resources, IT teams can optimize costs and make expenses more predictable.
      Migrate easily. Pre-tested and pre-engineered infrastructure lets IT teams get up and running quickly while minimizing cost and TCO.
      Improve performance. By aligning IT skillsets with cloud resources and providing familiar tools and operating models, Dell Technologies Cloud helps to boost productivity and mitigate outages.
      Enhanced security. Dell Technologies Cloud enables enterprises to work with a single security framework across public and private clouds, minimizing risks and improving protection of cloud resources.

    • Additional cloud solutions from Dell Technologies

    • Along with Dell Technologies Cloud, Dell Technologies provides additional cloud solutions that include:
      • Cloud-enabled infrastructure solutions. Dell Technologies cloud-enabled infrastructure solutions  provide capabilities for storing and protecting workloads in the right cloud and with the right SLA. Solutions include technologies for relieving overloaded primary storage, building a low-cost DR site, protecting data with cloud-based services, simplifying data encryption and key management, and tiering data storage in the cloud.
      Data Protection solutions. Dell Technologies Data Protection and Backup solutions for the cloud enable enterprises to transform their data centers for greater operational efficiency, resiliency and scalability throughout the entire cloud infrastructure. Offerings include solutions for public cloud protection, long-term retention in the cloud, cloud disaster recovery, hybrid cloud protection and cloud-native protection.

    • FAQs: What are cloud workloads?

    • What are cloud workloads?
      A cloud workload is a specific application, service, capability or a specific amount of work that can be run on a cloud resource. Virtual machines, databases, containers, Hadoop nodes and applications are all considered cloud workloads.

      What are the challenges of managing cloud workloads?
      As cloud services mature, enterprises have adopted multiple cloud solutions to address the needs of specific workloads. Certain cloud resources are able to handle specific cloud workloads more effectively, improving performance and reducing costs. However, the task of managing a variety of cloud platforms can be quite cumbersome and time-consuming, adding significant cost and complexity. Hybrid cloud solutions like Dell Technologies Cloud can help by providing a technology with a common set of tools and consistent operations and infrastructure that dramatically simplify the task of managing multiple cloud resources.

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