Asset Recovery Services

Plan for your refresh in advance and seamlessly transition from old to new technology while protecting your business and addressing your sustainability goals. And if you retire your IT equipment when they are at their maximum value, you can transition to what's next with more money in your pocket.

A robust suite of services for securely and responsibly retiring your IT equipment


Find out what your equipment is worth and cash in quickly to help your business grow. If there’s no value, we recycle all devices in compliance with local regulatory guidelines. We handle every detail, from pick-up to final reporting, including offsite data sanitization.


Don’t get caught in a bind when you reach the end of your equipment lease or APEX PCaaS subscription. We can help you transport your used assets, regardless of brand, back to the company from which they were leased. We can also perform data sanitization as an add-on service.


For those that require an extra level of protection, we offer flexible sanitization options to fit your needs, including onsite data sanitization, as well as onsite hard-drive shred. Devices are sanitized in alignment with NIST SP 800-88 r1 standard.

How Asset Recovery Services Works

Asset Recovery Services - Laptop Composition

Convenient Control and Insight via TechDirect

Our centralized online portal makes it easy to stay in control of your assets from anywhere. Request an appraisal, schedule services, track your assets, monitor progress, access on-demand reports (including data sanitization and confirmation of disposal) and manage payments – all at your fingertips!

Metrics that Matter

Transparency is key in building and maintaining an asset lifecycle strategy that supports your sustainability goals. In alignment with ISO 14040/44 guidelines, our dynamic and personalized report helps you better understand the environmental impacts and benefits of using Dell’s Asset Recovery Services – downloadable and available when you need it.

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Safety and Security First

Our number one priority is keeping your data and the environment safe. Rest easy knowing that our standardized procedures, formalized checkpoints and meticulous documentation protect your assets and sensitive data from the first collection point until the time it’s destroyed.

  • We sanitize all devices in strict alignment with the NIST SP 800-88r1 standard. If devices cannot be fully sanitized, we destroy the drives to prevent data recovery.
  • We vigorously vet, audit, and hold our partners accountable to the highest standards of data security and environmental compliance.

Make an Impact

Our world is a fragile ecosystem; therefore, we must continue to innovate and evolve to meet the challenges before us, but it is not our journey alone. We believe we all share in the responsibility to protect and enrich our planet. And it is through relationships – with our customers, partners, suppliers and communities – by which we believe we can create a positive and lasting impact.

Learn more about how we’re working to drive positive outcomes for business, people and the planet.


Responsible IT lifecycle management

As IT lifecycle management is critical to supporting a circular economy, Asset Recovery Services is being woven into many other services offered by Dell Technologies.
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APEX PC-as-a-Service

Flexible hardware and lifecycle solutions, all for a predictable monthly payment. Customize solutions that cover deployment, management, security, support and end-of-term recovery.

Consider Asset Recovery Services upfront with your APEX PC-as-a-Service subscription.
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ProDeploy Client

Whether you're managing a local or hybrid workforce, Dell offers the behind-the-scenes expertise needed to help your end users be productive right out of the box.

Add Asset Recovery Services, resale/recycle for secure and responsible IT asset disposition. You may also consider Asset Recovery Services upfront to help fund your next IT investment and deployment solutions.
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Lifecycle Hub

A combination of warehousing and inventory management with configuration services and deployment expertise into one end-to-end solution, including the facilitation of proper asset disposition at the end of useful life.

Add on Asset Recovery Services for secure and responsible disposition of your assets throughout your IT environment.

*Value return is not applicable for leased equipment. Dell provides assistance with managing the logistics of returning unowned equipment back to the leasing provider.