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What is a computer processor?

The processor, or chip, is your computer's engine. The speed at which your system runs programs, loads pages, and downloads files depends in part on the processor.

Most computers have processors from a 5, 7, or 9 series. The higher the series number, the better your processor's performance.

Which processor is right for you?

Best for...
Intel® Core™ Ultra 9 AI accelerated streaming while on battery, professional and creation applications – such as real-time language translation, document automation, creative production
Intel® Core™ Ultra 7 Boosting productivity and creating Generative-AI content, video editing, multitasking, and running immersive applications
Intel® Core™ Ultra 5 Performing advanced multitasking across applications, running intensive programs and applications with built-in AI like Microsoft Windows Studio Effects
Intel® Core™ i9 Enthusiast level multitasking across applications, hardcore gaming and creating
Intel® Core™ 7
Intel® Core™ i7
Advanced multitasking across applications, serious gaming, creating digital images or music, and editing video
Intel® Core™ 5
Intel® Core™ i5
Everyday productivity with Microsoft Office or Quicken, basic gaming, and editing photos

Intel Core Processors

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Intel® Core™ Processors. Delivering Superior Performance Where You Need it Most

Take the next evolutionary leap with the performance hybrid architecture of Intel® Core™ processors. Get the performance you need, where you need it—whether you’re a gamer, creator, streamer, or everyday user. Whatever you’re into, do more of it, whenever you want.

Intel vPro

Processors on Intel vPro®

Intel® Core™ processors are at the heart of the Intel vPro® platform. They’re designed to deliver the responsive performance and reliable connectivity business users need to stay in the flow—and be productive all day long.

Specifically tuned to meet the needs of today’s IT professionals, it provides:

  • Performance
  • Security
  • Manageability
  • Stability

Look for the Intel vPro® platform brand on PCs to unlock the most value for your business.

Intel Arc

Intel® Arc™ - A new way to game, create, and stream from your PC!

Intel® Arc™ A-Series graphics feature the modern Xe HPG microarchitecture with advanced Xe-cores that deliver high-performance gaming and creation experiences. With built-in AI hardware, graphics acceleration, and ray tracing hardware, Intel® Arc™ graphics unites high-performance gaming, lifelike visuals, and rich content creation across mobile and desktop form factors. Game your heart out, dive into immersive worlds, unleash your creativity, and capture your imagination—Intel® Arc™ graphics powers it all.

Intel Iris

Experience Intel® Iris® Xe Graphics

Intel® Iris® Xe graphics delivers transformational GPU and integrated graphics to support richer gaming experiences and greater speed for designers and creators.


Gamers can play fast and hard with new Intel® Iris® Xe graphics featuring up to 1080p 60FPS for more detailed, immersive gaming.


It’s a whole new viewing experience in up to 8K, with 4x4K HDR, which lets consumers connect up to four HDR displays at once. They also get Dolby Vision HDR + Dolby Atmos 3D Sound, along with the latest GPU technology for super-smooth video streaming.


Creators can design and build complex files in stunning detail, and export 4K files quickly and easily with Intel’s new low-power AI Matrix Engine. Plus, they’ll notice impressive encoding performance.


The Intel® Core™ processor family spans several generations of processor upgrades. There are three basic family generations of note. Usually, the greater the number, the later the generation. For example, 13th gen is newer than 12th gen, 11th gen and 10th gen. These correspond to improvements in process technology and features to allow for more sophisticated applications, such as virtual reality, gaming and office productivity.

In addition to generations, processors can also be categorized by Intel® Core™. Though there are multiple options within each category, there are four basic groups.

  • Intel® Core™ i3, for entry-level performance
  • Intel® Core™ i5, for mid-level performance
  • Intel® Core™ i7, for high-level performance
  • Intel® Core™ i9, for highest-level performance

Clock speed, measured in megahertz (MHz) and gigahertz (GHz), represents how fast a processor moves. It's calculated by the number of clock cycles managed per second.

CPU Cache stores frequently used data and instructions close to your Processor for quicker access.

  • B – Ball Grid Array (BGA)
  • C – Desktop processor based on the LGA 1150 package with high performance graphics
  • G1-G7 – Graphics level (processors with new integrated graphics technology only)
  • E – Embedded
  • F – Requires discrete graphics
  • G – Includes discrete graphics on package
  • H – High performance optimized for mobile performance graphics
  • HK – High performance optimized for mobile, unlocked. Not all systems sold with HK central processing units (CPUs) are designed to exceed the stated speed of the processor.
  • HQ – High performance optimized for mobile, quad core
  • K – Unlocked
  • M – Mobile
  • P – Power and thermal efficiency with more power than U series
  • Q – Quad-core
  • R – Desktop processor based on BGA1364 (mobile) package with high performance graphics
  • S – Performance-optimized lifestyle, special edition
  • T – Power-optimized lifestyle
  • U – Ultra-low power, mobile power efficient
  • X/XE – Extreme edition, unlocked, high end
  • Y – Extremely low power

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