• Hybrid Cloud Storage

    • Hybrid cloud storage for a better cloud experience

    • Enterprises today are transitioning from multicloud architecture to hybrid cloud environments, seeking to simplify management of their cloud investments. By providing tools to better orchestrate applications and workloads across all cloud resources, hybrid cloud computing can help to improve efficiency, reduce risk, cut costs and provide more consistent management and operations.

      Hybrid cloud storage solutions are essential to this effort. Enabling IT teams to more easily manage storage requirements over public and private cloud infrastructure, hybrid cloud data storage technology provide the flexibility, resiliency and efficiency that enterprises require for evolving workloads.

    • VMware Cloud on Dell

      A VMware managed on-premesis infrastructure, delivered as-a-service designed to run your most critical business workloads.

    • Hybrid cloud storage from Dell Technologies

    • Dell Technologies Cloud is a suite of infrastructure solutions designed to make hybrid cloud environments and hybrid cloud storage easier to deploy and manage. With a portfolio of solutions designed for hybrid cloud, Dell Technologies offers a simpler and faster path to deployment of hybrid cloud environments. 

      Dell Technologies Cloud includes a turnkey platform with Dell Technologies VxRail hardware and VMware Cloud Foundation software. This hybrid cloud solution also offers a fully managed, subscription-based Data Center-as-a-Service solution, and access to the world’s broadest cloud provider ecosystem. 

      Additionally, Dell Technologies Cloud Validated Designs provides best-of-breed infrastructure from Dell Technologies that is interoperable with VMware Cloud Foundation and delivered as pre-tested designs with deployment guidance. These hybrid cloud storage solutions enable organizations to build their own infrastructure to meet the varied demands of hybrid workloads and storage in cloud environments. 

    • Hybrid cloud storage for Dell Technologies Cloud

    • Dell Technologies hybrid cloud storage solutions with Validated Designs include:

      • PowerMax. PowerMax is a game changer for hybrid and multicloud storage. As the world’s fastest data storage array, PowerMax offers true scale-out design, end-to-end NVMe and storage class memory for persistent storage. With PowerMax, IT teams can consolidate everything on a single array while meeting the highest levels of automation, data protection and AI/ML – along with six 9s availability in each array.
      • Unity XT. Unity XT All-Flash and Hybrid Flash arrays set new standards for storage with compelling simplicity, blazing speed, all-inclusive software, optimized efficiency and hybrid cloud storage enablement. Ideal for the needs of resource-constrained IT professionals in large or small companies, Unity XT systems are designed for performance, optimized for efficiency and built for hybrid cloud environments.

    • Cloud-enabled storage infrastructure

    • Dell Technologies provides additional solutions for hybrid cloud storage that help unlock innovation and reduce complexity.

      • Dell Cloud Data Protection products protect workloads running in the cloud, manage backup and recovery to the cloud, and tier storage for long-term retention in the cloud.
      • ClarityNow provides a unified view of all file and object storage on premises and in the cloud.
      • Dell Isilon CloudPools software automates tiering to seamlessly integrate the cloud as an additional storage tier for Isilon clusters.
      • CloudIQ simplifies daily storage management tasks of monitoring, analyzing and troubleshooting storage environments. 
      • Dell Unity Cloud Edition and Cloud Tiering Appliance enable deployment of a virtual storage appliance in the cloud or automatic tiering of storage to the cloud.

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services free IT teams from the need to manage storage systems while delivering all the benefits of enterprise-grade data security, performance, replication, capacity and availability for hybrid cloud storage. This Storage as a Service solution is ideal for securely moving or deploying demanding applications in the cloud while reducing risk and avoiding cloud vendor lock-in. Cloud Storage Services support disaster recovery through automated Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) with VMware Cloud on AWS, as well as high throughput, compute-intensive file workloads with no outbound data traffic costs in Microsoft Azure Cloud. With Dell Technologies Cloud Storage Services, enterprises can easily leverage their clouds of choice and move between them at any time, maximizing security, resiliency and control of cloud data while aligning workloads with the cloud resources that can best manage them. 

    • FAQs: What is hybrid cloud storage?

    • What is cloud storage?

      Cloud storage is a way of storing data that involves sending it via the Internet to remote servers where it is stored, managed, backed up and made available to users as needed. Data in cloud storage is stored in logical pools across a variety of commodity servers that may be located on an enterprise’s premises or in a remote data center managed by third-party. 

      What is hybrid cloud storage?

      Hybrid cloud storage is a storage architecture that connects on-premises storage systems to cloud storage, treating the entire architecture is a single storage system. Hybrid cloud storage enables IT teams to move data from on-premises systems to the cloud or vice versa in order to reduce costs, improve performance and address security, data sovereignty and latency concerns. 

      What is cloud object storage?

      Cloud object storage is a storage architecture that manages data as objects rather than files. An object contains data, metadata and a unique global identifier. Object storage is considered a better architecture for cloud applications because it is able to scale massively and can be accessed via common APIs.

    • APEX Data Storage Services

      "APEX Data Storage Services is an on-premises, as-a-service portfolio of scalable and elastic storage resources designed for OpEx treatment.*

      *OpEx treatment is subject to customer internal accounting review and policies.  "

    • Dell Technologies Cloud Storage

      Combine cost-effective, scalable and resilient data storage with native public cloud services.

    • APEX Flex on Demand

      Acquire the technology you need to support your changing business with APEX Flex on Demand. Achieve payments that scale to match your actual usage.