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Dell Server Update Utility (SUU) - Guide and Download

Summary: The Server Update Utility allows to update drivers and firmware of a Dell EMC PowerEdge Server.

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This article provides the guideline on how to download and use Dell Server Update Utility.




Table of Contents

  1. Download the Server Update Utility

  2. Use the Server Update Utility

The Dell Server Update Utility ISO (SUU) is a local 1-to-1 utility to update BIOS, firmware, drivers, and application on PowerEdge servers to the latest version.

The Server Update Utility allows you to compare the current versions on the server to those on the media and choose appropriate components for upgrade and/or downgrade. The SUU can be launched directly from the operating system or outside of the operating system using the LifeCycle Controller update platform (F11 during startup).

SLN285500_en_US__1icon Note: Dell Server Update Utility starting with version 22.03.00 introduces a new GUI interface, as well as enhanced CLI commands.  If you use CLI commands with SUU, it is recommended to review the list of CLI commands in the user guide to check what new commands are available and which have been modified.     

Dell Server Update Utility Documentation:  Link

1. How to download the Server Update Utility?

As the SUU is operating system specific and in order to successfully update drivers, please select the version matching your operating system. The latest version of the SUU can be found in the "Drivers and Downloads" page of your support product page.

  1. Navigate to
  2. Select the appropriate model, or fill the service tag
  3. In the "Drivers and Downloads" section, select the "System Management" category and choose
    the correct SUU file
Tip: It is possible to directly enter the keyword "SUU" to filter available Server Update Utility files. 


SLN285500_en_US__1icon Note: Any version can be used as a source in the LifeCycle Controller Update Platform.     
SLN285500_en_US__1icon Note: The Server Update Utility is not a bootable media.
SLN285500_en_US__1icon Note: If needed, this article helps you identify which generation your Dell PowerEdge server belongs.
SLN285500_en_US__1icon Note: If unsupported expansion cards are installed, the inventory performed at SUU startup may fail.

2. How to use the Server Update Utility?

After downloading the correct SUU file, there are 2 options to use the file.

From the operating system

1. Download the Full ISO file.
2. Use ISO mounting software, and mount the downloaded iso image.
3. Browse to the folder.
4. Double-Click suulauncher.exe.


1. Download the Full ISO file.
2. Use ISO mounting software, and mount the downloaded iso image.
3. Open the terminal and explore the mounted folder where the iso image is mounted.
4. Run suulauncher from the GUI interface.

From the LifeCycle Controller

1. Download the Full ISO file.
2. Use ISO mounting software, and mount the downloaded iso image.
3. Startup the server and press F11 to enter the LifeCycle Controller menu.
4. Click the "Platform Update" menu.
5. Select the "Local Drive (CD/DVD/USB" in the Update Repository source.
6. Enter the "Package Path," and run the Updates.

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Server Update Utility

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19 Jun 2024



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