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Dell Slim Conferencing Soundbar SB522A Usage and Troubleshooting Guide

Résumé: The following article provides information about the Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar. You can reference each section to learn more about the features of the Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar and how to use it. ...

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Contenu de l’article


Table of Contents:

  1. What is in the Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar box?
  2. Slim Conferencing Soundbar Features
  3. Setting up your Slim Conferencing Soundbar
  4. Supported Displays
  5. Troubleshooting
  6. Additional Information

Front View SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar

(Figure.1 Experience clear conferencing and reduced background noise with the world’s most intelligent Microsoft Teams-certified soundbar. The Dell Slim Conferencing Soundbar - SB522A)


What is in the Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar box


What's in the box

(Figure.2 Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar Box Contents)

1 USB Type-A Cable 2 Slim Conferencing Soundbar
3 Security Loop Cable 4 Documents

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Slim Conferencing Soundbar Features


Front View

Front View

(Figure.3 Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar Front View)

Left View

Left View

(Figure.4 Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar Left View)

Right View

Right View

(Figure.5 Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar Right View)

Product Features

Rear View

(Figure.6 Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar Rear View Product Features)

1 Slim Conferencing Soundbar 2 Magnetic Tabs x2
3 LED (White or Green) 4 Microsoft Teams and Answer Call Button
5 USB Type-A Cable 6 LED (Red)
7 Volume Knob and Microphone Control Button    

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Setting up your Slim Conferencing Soundbar



Operating Systems:

  • Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, and 11

Using the Dell Peripheral Manager application:

  • Windows 10 or later

Connecting the Slim Conferencing Soundbar

The Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar uses two magnetic tabs to sit under a Dell flat panel monitor. A USB Type-A cable is used to connect to the monitor. The monitor USB upstream cable connects to your Desktop or Laptop.

Soundbar Installed under Monitor

(Figure.7 USB Type-A Connector)

Note: Ensure you are connecting the correct USB uplink cable between your monitor and your computer by checking your monitor manual.

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Supported Displays


The SB522A soundbar can be installed on the following monitors:

Speaker Monitor Model
P-Series U-Series
SB522A P2222H U2421E
P2223HC U2422H
P2225H U2422HE
P2422H U2422HX
P2422HA U2424H
P2422HE U2424HE
P2423 U2722D
P2423D U2722DE
P2423DE U2723QE
P2425H U2723QX
P2425HE U2724D
P2425 U2724DE
P2425E U3023E
P2721Q U3223QE

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Problems Possible solutions
The soundbar does not turn on
  • Ensure that the USB upstream cable is connected from your computer to the Dell monitor to enable USB pass-through. This additional USB upstream cable connection is required if your computer is using an HDMI or DisplayPort cable.
  • Once the USB upstream cable is connected to the monitor, check if the Teams button LED, which is also the power light, lights up.
  • If the power light is not on, check if the USB cable from the soundbar is connected properly to the USB port on the Dell monitor.
Note: Dell monitors ship with the upstream cable included. (USB Type-C to Type-C or USB Type-A to Type-B) Check your monitor user guide to identify the upstream port of your particular monitor.
Soundbar is on but not functioning
  • If the power light is turned on and the soundbar does not function, disconnect the soundbar and restart your computer. Reconnect the soundbar and check if it regains functionality.
  • Open Device Manager on your computer and check if the soundbar is listed under audio devices.
  • Test the USB port on the Dell monitor by connecting another USB device to it.
  • Test the soundbar by connecting it directly to your computer over USB.
    1. If the soundbar works on the computer, you may have a defective USB port on the Dell monitor or a defective the USB upstream cable.
    2. If the soundbar does not work, it may be faulty, and must be replaced. In either instance, check Contacting Dell for help.
No audio from soundbar
  • Ensure that the soundbar is the default playback device on Windows audio settings.
  • Try connecting the soundbar to different USB ports on the Dell monitor.
  • Adjust the volume levels on Windows and the application in use. Also, play an alternate audio file or online media is possible.
  • Clean or reconnect all cables again. Test the soundbar with a different audio source, such as from another computer.
  • Go to the Control Panel on your computer and click Sound. Check if the Dell Slim Conferencing Soundbar SB522A is displayed in the list of playback devices under the Playback tab of the Sound dialog box. If the Dell Slim Conferencing Soundbar SB522A is not the default device (indicated by a green tick beside the icon.) Right-click the Dell Slim Conferencing Soundbar SB522A and select Set Default > Default Device.
  • Reinstall the onboard drivers or the sound card drivers and restart the computer.
Distorted sound
  • Set all volume controls to their midpoints.
  • Decrease the volume of the audio application.
  • Test the soundbar using another audio source such as another computer.
  • Ensure that there are no magnetic devices or any objects obstructing the speakers on the soundbar.
Unbalanced sound output
  • Set the Windows audio balance controls of the left and right speakers to their midpoints.
  • Troubleshoot the computer's sound card.
Low volume
  • Set all Windows volume controls to their maximum.
  • Increase the volume of the audio application.
  • Test the soundbar using another audio source such as another computer.
Buzzing noise
  • Check if any other objects are attached to the soundbar.
  • Ensure that the soundbar is attached to the monitor. Check that there are no loose objects dangling from or touching the soundbar, or stuck near the magnet on the soundbar.
  • Try to reduce the volume using Windows volume controls.
  • Ensure that the cables do not interfere with the soundbar.
Soundbar cannot be mounted on the monitor
  • Confirm if the monitor model used supports the soundbar.
  • For more information about the supported monitor models, find the SB522A page at
  • Check if the monitor’s soundbar slots are open and there is no Mylar cover obstructing the slots.
Microphone does not work
  • Check if SB522A is plugged into the computer correctly.
  • Check the computer sound setting and select the Dell SB522A as recording device.
The answer call function does not work on SB522A when receiving calls from Teams
  • If multiple conferencing applications are installed on or used in the same device, you may not be able to get a response from SB522A. Try to answer incoming calls by application’s interface.
Unable to accept the phone call or pick up the incoming call using the Teams button over Line, WhatsApp, and WeChat
  • SB522A Teams button only support Teams, you can answer incoming calls by application's interface.


Informations supplémentaires

Dell Audio, Speakers, and Microphone Support Site

Learn how to use and troubleshoot problems with the soundbar you use, your monitor and computer. You can find information about Troubleshooting steps, How-To guides, and relevant Support Videos for assistance.

To open the Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar User Guide or manual:

  1. Browse to: Dell SB522A Slim Conferencing Soundbar Online Manual Page 
  2. Go to the Manuals and Documents section.
  3. Touch or click the View PDF link on the right side of the page across from the SB522A User Guide listing.

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