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Aurora-R4, PSU replacement questions

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I want to first apologize about my poor hardware and general PC knowledge.

After having some issues with my computer, I figured out I needed to clean my case because there might be overheating issues.
As I dismounted the PSU, I found lumps of white paste (probably thermal ?) all over it. Although I didn't ask myself where it came from (I burnt my original graphic card, so maybe from there), I couldn't clean it without breaking the whole thing. It affected those "coils", which I presume are important, but also some small parts. I can provide pictures if needed.

I'm now looking for a replacement ; the built-in PSU is a 850W (if I remember correctly) and after some calculations, my station doesn't consume more than roughly 550 Watts (if my calculations are correct), but I have another problem.
Every modern PSU has an upper fan, compared to this one, which is lateral. I'm now asking myself three questions before buying something I wouldn't be able to use :

  1. What is supposed to fit, format-wise ? I know this is a very dumb question, but I just want to be sure. I also do not know what I'm supposed to measure, and what safe distance I need to give for it to be optimal.
  2. Will the connectors work ? There are some specific terms I don't understand, such as "ATX form factor" and some connector formats(I usually browse the products in french, so the translation might not be accurate), and I had to pull out a bunch of cables to get the PSU out. I'm wondering if I can plug everything back in.
  3. Since I can't find one with a lateral fan (which I presume is the only one), will the cooling be affected, and thus leading me back to square one, with overheating issues ?

If it can help, I had the Corsair RM650i for reference, the 650W one.

I'm looking forward to your answer, and thank you for giving your time.


P.S: my components are the base Aurora R4 ones, I only added a hard-drive and replaced the AMD GPU with an nVidia GTX 1050Ti.


EDIT : I'm a mostly stupid for not checking beforehand, but it appears to be glue. 


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Re: Aurora R4 PSU replacement questions.

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*Power supply should not be opened, but they can be air dusted

*Reinstall case harness & replace with 875w J556T or W299G

*Power supply form factor / size is 'ATX' (~5.9" x 3.4")

*Overheating issues are not the result of power supply or its fan

*I can't stick around to help you / answer each question / micro-manage your swap

--> if Corsair / EVGA / Seasonic, take old case harness out / put new cables in

--> see these asked & answered General Swap Posts:

Aurora ALX (mid 2010) - PSU Replacement - Issue With HD Cages

*ALX models need PassThrough SATA connex, see Vid: SATA Power Cable Mod

Aurora R4 PSU upgrade

Aurora-R4, Looking to upgrade PSU to a higher quality PSU that is not a Dell branded?

Aurora r4 PSU change

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The ALX-Files: A Triad of Power Supply Swaps

The ALX-Files: On a Practical Approach to the Area-51 Aurora PSU Swap

 edit: Original PSU Part #

W299G 875w Delta
J556T 875w Hipro
U595G 875w Hipro
X008G 525w Hipro
0G05V 525w Hipro
U597G 525w Delta 

*when using the 525w, x1 Video cable in the case harness will not work

*for both Video cables to work, install the 875w

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Re: Aurora R4 PSU replacement questions.

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Thank you for your time and answer, I will check everything thoroughly.

I managed to clean it by dusting it off, but I'm not sure if it resolved the hardware issue ; everything else is fine and checked twice.

I will keep the links if I still need to change the power supply.

EDIT : it wasn't a overheating issue per se, temperatures are OK. The problem I had directed at a malfunctioning PSU.

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Re: Aurora-R4, PSU replacement questions

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The 875W power supply W299G uses specific WIRING HARNESS R166H

Precision T5500 shares same power supply and harness.

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