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Aurora R8/R9, not powering on

Dell Alienware is aware of the issue. Do not seek any part replacements.

Recommended workarounds from the Alienware Desktops team =

* For the time being, tapping the power button needs to be done each time that the Aurora R8/R9 is turned on
* Enable the Deep Sleep Control option in the BIOS =
Enter the BIOS setup screens by tapping the F2 key when the Dell splash screen appears
Browse Advanced
Go to Power Options and enable Deep Sleep Control
Exit the BIOS saving change

Update = An AWCC (Alienware Control Center) issue has been identified as causing this issue. All users should check/verify via the Aurora R8 and Aurora R9 driver pages to be sure that you have installed the latest System BIOS, AWCC and AWOC (Alienware OC Controls).

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