How to arrange an 'Out of Warranty' repair on your Dell System

Summary: This article is aimed at providing some useful tips and guidance on arranging an 'out of warranty' repair for your Dell system.

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This article is aimed at providing some useful tips and guidance on arranging an 'out of warranty' repair for your Dell system.
Some of the steps and available procedures regarding repair may vary depending on the country and support region.
Please also check your available warranty and status of your system warranty before proceeding using the steps below.



You can check your current warranty status online on the Dell Support website. See How to Find Warranty Status and Information  for info on checking your system warranty. If the warranty has expired you have a couple of options available for future support.


Extended Warranty: Your warranty can be extended online see How to Find Warranty Status and Information 

Accidental Damage (Complete Care) Service: covers repair and replacement for system damage not covered under your base warranty. You can check your warranty cover status on the Dell Support Website. 

Out of warranty repair process:

  1. System failure / issue identified

  2. Check warranty status on the Dell support site (see warranty status guide above)

  3. If out of warranty -> contact Dell Technical Support

  4. The technician will diagnose the fault over the phone and provide a quote if requested. (see the chargeable repair guide below)

  5. If looking to proceed with quote reply to the quote acknowledging your acceptance

  6. Payment method processed

  7. Repair call booked on acceptance of payment 



Chargeable Repair:

On contacting Dell to arrange a repair you will be asked for the below information before a quote can be arranged.

  • Service Tag or Express Service Code of the damaged system

  • Contact Information (Name, Telephone, E-mail etc)

  • Description of the damage. (Where possible pictures of the damage)

  • Billing Address

  • Shipping Address - (Parts or Engineer Service)


If possible please have your Customer Number available as this will help identify the correct account to bill to if your company has multiple open accounts with Dell. 

(Customer numbers usually starts with country code and then numerical value e.g.: GBXXXXXXX for the UK)
The customer number can be found on your Dell invoice or by contacting your Account Manager. 

Cause of Failure Examples: (Damage)

  • Liquid Spillage

  • Drops, Falls and other collisions

  • Electrical Surge

  • Fire Damage

  • Cracks, dents or bent components


The technical support representative will advise the most cost effective solution for repair, this can sometimes include 'Collect and Return' services if available in your location. This can often be the best repair option for liquid damage or cases where multiple parts may be required and the full extent of damage can not easily be diagnosed.

SLN284409_en_US__1icon Note: Collect and Return Service (CAR): This is a process whereby the system is collected and taken off-site for diagnosis, repair and testing before being returned to the customer.

This service may not be available in some countries or warranty offerings, please check with your local support for more information


  • What if my company has a credit account with Dell?

    If you have a valid credit account with Dell we can accept payment via a Purchase Order reference. (PO) We can then use this as acceptance from you or your business that you are happy for your companies credit account to be debited the repair amount.

  • Can I reinstate my expired warranty?

    Yes, you can add further warranty to an 'out of warranty' system. Please be aware that you may be charged a reinstatement fee, also the warranty may be backdated to the end of the expiration date of the previous warranty period depending on the age of the system and warranty length.

  • What if the service does not require any physical parts?

    The option of paying a fee for technical assistance without parts is available. For example issues like BIOS password resets, part number queries etc. If the same issue is reported within 30 days no further charge will be requested.

  • Can I pay for repair by cheque or BACS/Wire transfer?

    Quotes include instructions on how to pay by cheques (although this can delay the repair process)

  • What if I purchased my system through a reseller?

    Be aware that if the system was purchased through a reseller you will need to confirm ownership of the system before any repair can be arranged. Also be cautious that the correct account is being billed and not the company that sold the system to you.


If you require further assistance, please contact Technical Support


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