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Alienware M14x ~ 4 consecutive beeps

So I've had my laptop since December 2011, and there have been problems with the motherboard back in January or so. But these past couple months things have been running smoothly till yesterday when my laptop gave me 4 beeps. I turned it off and tried turning it back on again but still 4 beeps were given. I did some research and found that 4 beeps had something to do with ram failure or motherboard. Has anyone else had issues like this one?

I've called Alienware's tech support already and they're sending out another technician in 2-3 days with ram and a motherboard as well. Hopefully this solves the issue. I understand things happen and M14x is a great machine but there's so many problems that comes with this machine that I'm not sure if it was worth it buying from Dell. Over short periods of time since having the laptop there has been problems.

Anyways, if anyone has had the similar problems please discuss them. I'll like to read others similar experiences.

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