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Hi, why using integrated graphics it freezes?

I've got Alienware R4 i7 6820HK 

GPU: Nvidia 1070 - 7GB

I have no idea why when I press FN+F7 > I move to integrated graphics then I can feel the windows freezes even when you try to give a desktop refresh (without playing games or anything)

On the other hand, while I move again Fn+F7 > to Dedicated GFX - it has no problems... hmmm 

OS: Windows 10 Pro 

All drivers including BIOS are updated!

I have no idea why this happens!

PS: I also had installed previously win 10 home - the same problem. 

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Re: Hi, why using integrated graphics it freezes?

Hi ArdiOrion‌,

Make sure the BIOS version is up to date. 

Also try the following steps:

- Uninstall NVIDIA graphics driver. You can use Revo uninstaller to make sure is removed from Programs & Features, Registry files and your C Drive.

- Uninstall Intel graphics driver.

- Reinstall Intel graphics driver from our website (Restart required) and the NVIDIA graphics driver (Restart required).

Let us know!

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