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New graphics Driver for the Alienware m14x

I have the 3.0 gb version of the nvidia gt 555m. Recently a new graphics driver from dell came out. It was requirement urgent. however this graphic driver although newer, does not support battlefield 3 play. My computer still freezes up after 3-5 minutes of play. So i am forced to revert back to the Nvidia beta notebook driver on the dell driver page. this driver supports battlefield 3.

My question is this. Should I be using the more recent driver marked urgent. or should i continue to use the older driver that supports battlefield 3. Which I love to play. Is it a hardware life issue? Should i be worried that the older driver could damage my system? This is my question any answers would be helpful.

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Re: New graphics Driver for the Alienware m14x

The "Urgent" driver from Dell is an older driver than the driver on the NVIDIA site.  Dell just repackaged it and released it a long time after NVIDIA released it.

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