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On Finding The Service Tag Number

In short, my Mx11 is broken. The screen will not turn on, even though the rest of the system runs just fine. I can hear all the sounds, and I can even log in. However, I cannot see anything on the screen (my reflection doesn't count). Hoping to send the thing in for the hinge fix (my hinges are also broken- very badly), or even just getting it fixed if it doesn't qualify, I looked under the laptop to find the service tag number, only to my dismay that it had faded out. Is there any other way to find my service tag number?

If not, is my address and a contact number enough to get it fixed?

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Re: On Finding The Service Tag Number

If you use internet explorer you can use the auto discover tool www.dell.com/.../Expressservice

otherwise I'm 99% sure its also in the BIOS.

It should also be on your original invoice.

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RE: On Finding The Service Tag Number

Im not sure about personal computer but companiy PC's, you can also click on the start button,right click on the
computer, and select properties, and
obtain the Service tag as its the last 7 charactors in the
computer name.

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