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[Poll] Dell & Alienware Customer Service

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System specs:

MB: GA-X99-SOC Champion
 CPU: 5960x @ 4.4GHz
 RAM: 16GB G.Skill @ 3400MHz
GPU's: 4x Titan X
PSU: 1600w T2
SSD: 480GB Intel 730.
Monitor: PG278Q
OS: Windows7 SP1/Windows 10 build 10586.318.

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Very poor. A good customer support team does not lie to it's customers, or delay a shipment by months.

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I don't know how I should vote or if I should.  My purchase was easy. Financing was easy. The computer was delivered two weeks after I ordered it and two weeks earlier than estimated. I have yet to contact dell for any service. The only thing I really did after the fact was wait for the A04 bios and Chris kept us all up to date on how that was coming. Would the service we recieve here in the forums be included in customer service? I'm going to have to vote excellent then.

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Dell was rated F in customer service about two weeks ago by a laptop mag.  I think the highest they recieved was a D- in one of the catagories.  My experiences are horrible, however I will say the last time I 'spoke' with a tech it was online and things were fine but my problem was not solved. 

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The reason why I voted "Poor":

I just recently placed an order for an Alienware M11x.  Before placing the order, I received an Alienware flyer in the mail.  This flyer offered a 15% discount off "Select Gaming Gear" and had a coupon code for the discount.  The fine print (main qualifier) for the 15% off coupon code read like such:

Offer expires 3/20/2010.  Single use coupon.  Coupon cannot be combined with other discounts.  Only one coupon may be applied per cart at checkout.  Offer does not apply to, and is not available with, systems or items purchased through the online systems configurator, refurbished items or spare parts.

I configured a cart for the M11x with the options I wanted, only for the purpose of letting the agent I spoke with have access to cart to see what options I wanted.  The sales agent I spoke with flat out refused to give me the 15% discount, saying the discount did not apply to any systems and only select gaming gear which a laptop was not a part off.  Speaking with a manager yielded the same result - would not give me the 15% discount.  This clearly is a bait and switch tatic, to offer the discount and then not honor it.  I understand the M11x is selling quite well, and it's obvious Dell/Alienware wants to maximize profits by not honoring coupon codes.

In the end, I was able to use my EPP discount for 10% off and an additional 3% for using my DPA.  Regarding the EPP discount, our corporate minimum with Dell is 12%.  I stated this to the sales agent, but he stated that Alienware systems were not qualified for the 12%, and that only 10% could be applied.  Now Minimum is minimum, and our contract with Dell doesn't have ANY restrictions on what systems qualify.  And again, the manager would also not budge on this issue.

This type of policy to discounts is simply not acceptable, and I think a "poor" rating is really too high for this sort of thing.


I actually configured several systems to see how much i would save with my EPP and come to find out I would be spending MORE money using the EPP discount then I would without it.. it may be different with you, however when I asked dell about this all I got was the silent treatment.


i think this pole is unfair. I think alienware tech support is good. I think the people who work for alienware are actually pretty cool. I think they are in Puerto Rico? They always call me "bro" and say stuff like "yah man".... BUT if you have a big problem with your alienware and have to talk to Dell your in trouble. Dell is the worst. I had soo many problems with them. Very Very rude. when ever I call all I do is get transferred to different people. They never have any idea what is going on. They gave me bad advice. Even talking to a Head Office Rep was horrible. I think the quality of alienware computers is not as good as it use to be. But thats whats happens when big business buys a small boutique company.


i gave them "Worst Ever". because I had 2 computers. both were not good... horrible experience with costumer service. had to wait 5 months for a replacement computer. taking forever to refund my money.


Is there any way to actually bypass the outsourced mumbai "customer service" people,who just read off a script? and actually talk to someone from Alienware?


the only way to talk to alienware is if you have an older alienware machine "Legacy Alienware"  all the new stuff is with Dell.


Alienware doesn't exist anymore, its all dell...

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