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m14x Heating Issues and a few keyboard issues.

A few months ago I created a thread where I was seeking help for my heating issues. Hopefully this thread will get noticed. First, here are my specs:

Alienware m14x

Processor: i7-2630QM CPU (2.0 GHz)
GPU: GeForce GT 555m

Back in June, when I would play Skyrim or Battlefield 3, my CPU would reach temperatures of 80C, with 90C being the highest it ever went up to. My GPU would reach temperatures of 75C, with 82C being the highest it ever went up to. I played both of these games for only around 30 minutes before my laptop reached these temperatures. No overclocked settings. And turbo boost was turned off.

Today, as of August 1st, 2012, I continue to play these games without overclocking, and with turbo boost still disabled. My temperatures have increased, however. 

CPU temperatures stay at around 86C and go up to 94C. GPU temperatures stay at around 80C and go up to 90C. My laptop reaches these temperatures in only 30 minutes of gameplay. It worries me that in only a few months the temperatures have increased drastically. I haven't changed the location where I place my laptop while I play, and I've cleaned the fans.

Now, the second issue, I had my laptop screen replaced by Dell due to a non-working microphone when I got my laptop, but ever since the Dell engineer replaced the screen, my keyboard has felt different. When the arrow keys are pressed, they make a loud noise, and the keyboard itself sinks down as if it wasn't properly put back. I'm too afraid to look into it myself, as I do not have the proper tools or experience. Also, my left-shift key sometimes does not function when pressed. 

Thank you to anyone who took the time to read my issues. I'm sure others out there have serious heating issues. How can I fix these issues? My warranty is up on September, and I hope this thread doesn't get ignored like my previous one. I really need help.

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Re: m14x Heating Issues and a few keyboard issues.


It seems to be overheating a little, here's an article with a few tips on how to get rid of overheating issues, and also this one, to learn how to clean your alienware system without damaging it.

For the other issue (and if the overheating continues to happen) send us an e-mail to AWsocialmedia@Dell.com with your service tag, phone number, best time to reach you and a brief explanation of the issue that you are having, include the link to this thread and my name so I can follow up on you.

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Re: m14x Heating Issues and a few keyboard issues.

Thank you so much for your quick response! I've cleaned my vents/fan already with compressed air, and I clean the laptop itself once a week. I just updated the BIOS (I had forgotten about that) and I will conduct a few more tests to see if it makes a difference to the temperatures I'm getting.

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