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15 R3, driver not start downloading

From Dell website, shown in pic, many retries but still the same result.  The download of this driver never starts, forever wait until I gave up. 

Also try to install the driver manually, many times for sure, the diagnosis shows I never successfully installed.

Windows 10 latest update, re-install afresh, no virus problem, no antivirus blockage.  

Please help.  How can I install this driver?chuyos.jpg 

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Re: 15 R3, driver not start downloading

Welcome to the Dell Community  @Chuyos 

Until the eClerx team approves the images only you can see them.

What driver are you trying to install???

Have you tried to download the file.

Copy it to your desktop

Then right click on it and run as administrator???

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Re: 15 R3, driver not start downloading

Thank you for your reply, the problem is getting complicated as it deals with many parties (Dell, Intel, Microsoft) but one of the Dell staff is taking care of it now.

My attached picture, capure from Dell website support, unseen to some of you, shows a driver name that Dell ask me to download and install:


This driver comes after recent Microsoft Windows OS update (October2019) and I've never successfully installed it ever since.  

A primary assumption is the update version of Microsoft Windows is newer than the driver.  Meanwhile my Alienware 15 R3 is functioning fine -- with or without this driver-- so less priority.  I leave it to the concerned technicians to fix.  

Thanks for all help.  I much appreciate.


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