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M17x R3, factory image restore point problems

After having a lot issues shortly after to upgrading to windows 10 pro, I finally got my PC perfect. No power driver failures, blue screens, all things working correctly. 

I cleaned it the other day and upon starting it up, I keep getting the same old problems like I did over a year ago, blue screens, power driver state failures & more.

I have a restore point saved, & a windows image file saved but using the troubleshooter & other methods it will not attempt to restore either way. I used the advanced settings, F10 & all routes I used before but none are working/taking.

Is there a way Im not thinking of?? Whenever I F10 it sees it and its on the usb but it tells me to restart it another way, try that way & it doesn't accept and keeps going to the blue screen circles.

Any help would be desperately appreciated

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