Avamar stealing Bytes ?

Hello all,

We're running in a testlab AVE 1.2 1,5 TB edition.
Created 6 partitions a 250 GB.

Running the linuxcommand bd -h shows the partitions correctly,
within Avamar Servermanager the partitions are just 100 GB each.
This comes to an total amount of 600 GB, in stead of 1 TB.

What am I missing??

Perhaps the license? we're running the 30 day trail license.

thanks in advance.

kind regards
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Re: Avamar stealing Bytes ?

Please check diskreadonly parameter with the following commands:
avmaint config --ava | grep disk

It should be 40 by default. It means Avamar can only use 40% capacity of partition. 100G = 250G * 40%.

You can change this parameter to 65 which is recommended. It should be close to 1TB totally.
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Re: Avamar stealing Bytes ?

I think Zhou is correct, but I do not believe 65% is the recommended for AVE.

I would not be going above 50 and 40 is the norm to start off.

60 is now the standard for non-AVE system so you can push it to 65 if you must on a non-AVE system.

Keep in mind if you blow your disk space - maintence will not run and you will be in a real mess.
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Re: Avamar stealing Bytes ?

In response to Zhou's comment, you should by no means increase these values on your own.

When AVE is initially installed, not all the capacity is automatically given over to the gsan. What is meant to happen is that the system is given a health check by either support or professional services and only if the AVE is performing at an acceptable level is this increased to the maximum of 1TB or some portion there of.

Re: Avamar stealing Bytes ?

OK Thank you all for your repsons.

I conclude the next:
The AVE is at this moment to small for the test I'm running. I decrease my test.

If we go in production this parameters are leading for my sizing.

thanks again
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Re: Avamar stealing Bytes ?

Antoine, you will we had topic on this matter before. With latest version, you can use AVE up to 2TB I believe... if sizing would show that is the way to go. If not, then AVE is out of scope and you will need real box.
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