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VRTX, VMware 6.7 and Multiple Assignment Mode

Hello All,

I have a brand new VRTX, 2 M630's, 11 15K RPM drives and 14 10K RPM drives.  1 LUN is comprised of the 11 "fast" drives, the other LUN is comprised of all the "slow" drives.  ESXI 6.7 installed on both M630's.  Multiple Assignment Mode is ticked within the CMC.  Server 2016 for all VM's.

I need all VM's on both nodes to be able to access both the "fast" and "slow" LUNs simultaneously.  When the assignment mode talks about clustering, my knowledge starts to grow dim.  I've read conflicting information that VMware is naturally a clustered software.  I've also read conflicting information on whether or not Dell intends MS Server 2016 to be clustered, even if it is running as a VM within VMware on the VRTX.

When VMware and Vsphere were installed, a cluster was created in Vsphere and the hosts added under that cluster.  Is this sufficient to accomplish access to the LUNs simultaneously by the VM's on both nodes?



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