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CX-300 SPS LED status lights help


I have a CX-300 with SPS A and B. On SPS A, the status lights are going in a loop from top to bottom. In other words, the top (green) LED will be on briefly, then the first amber, then second amber, then third amber (and last LED) and then it will start over again. I would like to know what that means.

The SPS was indicated as faulted with cabling unknown in Navisphere. Now, I've removed the serial sense cable and rebooted SP A and SP B and the status of SPS A is now E.

When I leave SPS A turned off, the DPE status turns to faulted though.

This may be unrelated, however, on both hosts that are connected to that CX300, SPA0 paths are dead. I've checked the cabling and it appears to be OK.

Thanks for any help.

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Re: CX-300 SPS LED status lights help

The SPS is the standby power supply (backup battery). When it faults, it will also fault the DPE as the DPE no longer is battery backed up which means the Write cache is unprotected.

You'll need to be the battery replaced.