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How can we console into Clarion CX4-240

Hello ,

we have a CX4-240 used in another environment and brought into our lab recently. We wanted to change the IP address of it and use it for our use. But unfortunately we are not aware of the existing IP address of the clarion to connect and change the IP.

Can some one elighten me to see how can we connect to the CX4-240 and change the IP address. is there a way that we can connect a console cable to get on to it. Any videos if we have that would help m alot.


Vamsi Kiran N L

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Re: How can we console into Clarion CX4-240

You can connect using the Service lan ports.  You only need to conect to one  either SPA or SPB.   set you laptop to  subnet


SPB  =

From there you can guess the user/password.

It that doesnt work, then you might need to connect to it with a PP connection with the console cable that comes with the array.

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Re: How can we console into Clarion CX4-240

Hello Ken,

I have tried using the IP addresses but no luck. Can you please point me to a document which tells me how to create a PP connection ?


vamsi kiran

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Re: How can we console into Clarion CX4-240


You can use this to run EMCRemote into SP as well.

To set up the direct serial port connection to the array follow these steps:

Note: Remote Access Services and Network and Dial-Up Settings are installed by default during the initial installation of Windows 2000.

Follow these steps:

1. Select Start -> Settings -> Network connections -> New connection wizard

2. When the Network Connection Wizard starts, click Next to begin.

3. Select "Set up and advanced connection" ->Next->" Connect directly to another computer" button and click Next.

4. Click the Guest button.

5. Click Next. Name the connection (whatever you would like), Click Next.

6. On the Select a Device pull down menu, select Communications between two computers (COM1) or select COM2 if the cable is connected to COM2 and click Next.

7. On Connection Availability window, select "Anyone's use."

8. Click Next.

9. Click Finish.

10. The Connect dialog box with the name that you assigned to it displays (prompting with user name and password fields).

11. Click the Properties button.

12. In the Properties dialog box under the General tab make sure COM1 or COM2 (if connected to it) and click the Configure button (enable hardware flow control should be checked).

13. In the Modem Configuration dialog box click the Maximum Speed pull down menu and select 115200 bps. Click OK to close the Modem Configuration dialog box.

If prompted for flow control..Flow Control: None (verify that Autodetect and ANSI are selected for terminal emulation)

    • Flow control is hardware, and data bits is 8, Parity None, Stop bits 1...This is for HyperTerminal

Note: Verify that the computer or Service Laptop is correctly configured to receive the IP address from the FC4700 array. Click the Networking tab of the Properties dialog box, highlight Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties. Under the General tab verify that the Obtain an IP address automatically and Obtain DNS server address automatically buttons are both selected. Click Cancel to back out of that menu or click OK to accept any changes that you have made.

14. Click OK to close the Properties dialog box.

15. In the User name field enter the following: clariion.

16. In the Password field enter the following: clariion!.

17. Check the Save Password check box to save the password.

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Re: How can we console into Clarion CX4-240

Thanks for the detailed steps.

In the rear side of the CX4-240 I can see 2 DB9 pins. as per the documents one is for the serial communication and another one is for the SPS sensing.

I see one port is empty and another one is having a serial cable going into it and other end of the cable is a RJ-11 which is going back in to the SP on the other slot.

Please let me know which out of 2 DB9 connectors, whcih is used for Serial communication

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Re: How can we console into Clarion CX4-240


there are also colors and icons associated with the serial connectors..

Purple and a battery symbol, is for the SPS connector (which should already be connected).

Yellow and a spanner, is for the serial connector. (the icon may also be (1010)

This is duplicated on the other SP as well, so you have 1 serial connector per SP.


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