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Celerra, SMB2 signing, and Riverbed

Anyone had any luck using WAN acceleration for CIFS shares using a Riverbed appliance when utilizing SMB2 signing? Riverbed is telling my network guys that Celerra does not properly adhere to SMB signing rules, and they are unable to accelerate the traffic.

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Re: Celerra, SMB2 signing, and Riverbed

Check the DART release notes – I remember seeing some fixed problem with Riverbed and SMB there

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Re: Celerra, SMB2 signing, and Riverbed


this is what Rainer talked about :

Symptom Desc.

Data Mover panicked when a Windows 7 client connected to a CIFS share through a Riverbed WAN accelerator with the SMB2 protocol enabled. The Riverbed WAN accelerator sent an SMB2_IOCTRL request compounded with SMB2 commands which the Data Mover did not decode correctly. DART panic/fault message:

>>PANIC in file: /disks/NSG_Maint8/6.0_ build

_nfs_env/Dart/server/src/kernel/include/stream.hxx at line:

1119 : datab::freeRef: db_ref <= 0 Panicking Processor: 3


The stack trace showed:

245ea0: 0xdcc4fd _ZN14smb2_threadCtx7processEP4msgbi+0xf57

245f20: 0xdee8d6 _ZN13smb_threadCtx5startEv+0xc4c

245fd0: 0x155263 Sthread_startThread_internal+0x7


The Data Mover now properly handles compound SMB2 requests received in this manner.

Fixed in version :

DART had some issues and was pulled back, but will be released again soon.

Gustavo Barreto.

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