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Connectrix Brocade B Series Firmware (FOS) 5.1.0a?

Anyone know where this version can be downloaded from? I have an ancient 4100B (on v5.0.1b) that I need to upgrade to v6.1.0h, but the earliest version available from downloads is 5.3.2 which requires 5.1.0a... TIA!

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Re: Connectrix Brocade B Series Firmware (FOS) 5.1.0a?

If you go to the IBM support site and look for downloads for the IBM 2005-B32 (which is a Brocade 4100), it will let you leapfrog to the Brocade download site, and there are a heap of FOS's available for download.  Unfortunately, 5.1.0a isn't one of them, but there are others from the 5.1.x family, as well as 5.2.x, 5.3.x, and 6.x.

It might be worth a look to see if there is a combo that meets your needs?

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Re: Connectrix Brocade B Series Firmware (FOS) 5.1.0a?

Thanks. That was certainly helpful.

For anyone elses' reference, I was able to upgrade the 4100B via the following process (to avoid the "cannot access package list (.plist) error):

v5.0.1b > v5.1.0d [IBM] (move all files/folders within the v5.1.0d directory to the ftp root)
v5.1.0d > v5.3.2c [EMC] (move all files/folders within the v5.3.2c directory to the ftp root)
v5.3.2c > v6.0.0c [IBM] (move all files/folders within the v6.0.0c directory to a /6.0.0c dir off the ftp root)
v6.0.0c > v6.1.0h [EMC] (move all files/folders within the v6.1.0h directory to a /6.1.0h dir off the ftp root)

Will still need to work on a hardware refresh for this fabric, me thinks, but the immediate issue is resolved.

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Re: Connectrix Brocade B Series Firmware (FOS) 5.1.0a?

Most of the firmware for Emc Brocade connectivity supported switches is currently listed in the following location.

If your unable to get the firmware for EMC supported switches on the Emc website listed above please refer to the knowledge base article below.

Connectrix: How to obtain old firmware versions for Connectrix Switches

If you use Primus ref emc220383.

One other helpful tool when doing upgrade's on the Emc connectivity supported switches is the procedure generator which can be downloaded from the website.


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