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NPV feature needed?

Hello everybody,

here we have a director switch (MDS-9513) with NPIV and fport-channel-trunk features enabled.

We had following chain: 95113 -> 9124e (module from HP blade enclosure) -> VC FlexFabric (another HP blade enclosure)

MDS9124e has got NPIV and fport-channel-trunk features enabled.

Now both blade enclosures have been moved to a different place, where topology is different, and where a Nexus 5K is in the middle; the Nexus has got NPV enabled.

Now we have this chain: MDS9513 -> Nexus 5K -> MDS9124 -> VC FlexFabric.

ISL from 9513 to N5K uses F ports on 9513 and NP ports on N5K

ISL from N5K to 9124e uses NP ports on N5K and F ports on 9124e

Ports from 9124e to FlexFabric are F port

Do I need to enable NPV on the 9124e? And in this case, which port mode should I use?

I also have a problem: the MDS-9124e has disappeared from DCNM, and it's not seen by the fabric, while the N5K is there, with a dashed line (meaning NP link).


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