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New DCNM Installation Planning


We faced severe performance issues with our existing DCNM setup. EMC said that Postgre DB will not perform well if the data goes beyond 30 GB. In our case it's around 40 GB. So we planned to install DCNM with Oracle as it's back end.

We use DCNM to perform zoning, generate performance reports.

We have five data centers. I have decided to go with the following setup

1. 1 * CISCO DCNM-SAN Release 6.2(5) Server (Windows 2008 Standard SP2 64-bit) - Server A

2. 1 * Oracle 11 g Standard (Windows 2008 Standard SP2 64-bit) - Server B

3. 5 * DCNM-SAN clients (5 clients will be installed, 1 client per DC)

In our general operations, any fabric related changes like zoning, new switch additions etc, only one person will access the DCNM server at a time. So we have a proper control over fabric operations.

1. Could you please let us know whether this plan is good?

2. Going with 1 DCNM server and 1 oracle database and 5 DCNM clients is a good option?

Can some one please review and provide your comments?

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Re: New DCNM Installation Planning

How large is each of your datacenter fabrics? Our production fabric is pretty large (over 4500 ports per fabric), so I have a federated DCNM deployment for production. One server manages all of the "odd" fabrics, the other server manages "even" fabrics. If we were to lose a server, the fabrics can failover to the other server in the federation. Each server is in a different datacenter as well. We run the DCNM java client locally on our desktops to connect to the apporpiate server. The Oracle DB we use is also highly available using an Oracle Dataguard cluster setup. This setup has worked much better than the integrated postgres solution, and we have much more reliable results with performance collections by splitting the workload across two federated nodes.

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Re: New DCNM Installation Planning

Thank you for the reply.

Please find below the details of the switches in our Fabric-A environemnt.

Fabric-B too have a similar setup.



Total Ports - 6224

22 switches

DC-A - 1 switch (96 Ports)

DC-B - 2 switches (528 Ports)

DC-C - 2 switches (336 Ports)

DC-D - 2 switches (96 Ports)

DC-E - 6 switches (1744 Ports)

DC-F - 9 Switches (3424 Ports)

DC - Data Center

All these Data Centers are in different regions (DC E and F are seperated

by 600 miles).

I beleive a similar setup like your's will work for me as well.

2 DCNM federated servers (1 per fabric)

5 DCNM clients

1 Oracle 11g standard - (* will suggest Oracle Dataguard cluster setup)

Please let me know if you think this would work.

On Wed, Sep 10, 2014 at 2:56 AM, cnygaard <emc-community-network@emc.com>

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