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Can some please explain how a Desktop Exchange Processes work?

Hello Christmas Day I was building a desk and the desk fell and my water spilled on the Desktop and I called Customer service and explained and Support was really nice and said since it was Christmas he was going to Expedite the request and make it top urgency so I can get a the repaired unit or replacement by New Years Day so that at least  I could enjoy the New Year and was told to move to area to drain under blanket will be done draining in 24 hrs. The next day I call and let them know that water seems to be in system and panels look like they are going to fall off and was told just wait it will dry in a few more hrs and be gone. The next day I move PC to pack it box and as carrying downstairs the bottom and panels of the desktop and startled I tripped on the wood floor from water that was still inside Desktop, even though I told Support it still has water and they said not to worry and I fall down the stairs and smashed my head into the wall at bottom of steps. 

Shaken I grab my phone and call Dell and explain and they say don’t worry about the desktop. At that point I was more worried about myself as I manage to get pics as requested. Then later that day my parents come home and I am acting all loopy and they asked what’s going on and I explained, so they drove me to the hospital and found out I had a concussion, After sleeping a week I decide to check on status and got an email:

Thank you for your Address confirmation and for consenting to the Exchange process!

We will begin working on the Exchange right away and we'll update you again once we have confirmation on the system's configuration.

This is on January 3rd. Then I get an email saying:

This email is to let you know that we are still waiting for the configuration on the exchange replacement process. We have escalated this situation and we will contact you back as soon as we get further information. Please accept our apologies for the delay.

I contact them and tell them that it should have been escalated already as on Christmas the supervisor said he was going to do that and expedite and telling them that I need the Desktop soon as was Promised by 1st but now my school is starting as ask any update and they never replied. 

I know Average is 7 days with Max being 15 business days, but Seems not getting much of any updates at all and worries about school

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Re: Can some please explain how a Desktop Exchange Processes work?

I understand it is the holidays, but curious how exchanges work at the depot. Do they go through and pull each part I need to Desktop or do they just have lots of stock to go through and match a close Desktop. Just worried about receiving it on time for school and curious how process works