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Complaint Letter to the Sales team

I have already been a loyal customers for dell for years, most of my laptops were dell and frankly, so does my family. But, it is just really unbelievable to me that I just encountered one of my worst purchasing experience in dell.

I made an order of Alienware 15 R4 online on Nov.6th for twice and both got cancelled by the verification team. After I spent over 2 hours to contact the verification team to help me verify the Identity. The next day, one sales called me and asked me if I want to replace the order since the verification status is done already. So I gave the sales my credit card information and he promise that he will make the purchase within an hour. But it has been three days and yet my order still haven't been placed. 

I would like to hear from anyone about the status of the order since this could be one of the worst purchasing experience for me. I had to spent over 2 hours with the verification team and yet, the order is still not placed. I have been a using dell for years and I would probably still continue to use dell if this disturbing experience didn't happen to me. If I don't hear from anyone about the solution, this would definitely be my last purchasing attempt from Dell. 

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