Customer service...

Any company I have ever dealt with that is going to be receiving the type of payment that comes with huge mark  up electronics have never been as difficult to deal with or get a straight answer out of then this experience.  Made purchase the first night and then approved for finance right after.  Next day, order status on hold or canceled.  I finish work come home.  Literally an hour and a half of being bounced from rep to rep in the different areas of the dell consumer web.  No one could give me and answer after 6 or 7 reps.  Finance saying it is customer care.  Customer care connected me with U.S. finance division.  Finally I got a finance application approval number to pass on to customer care.  Customer care didn't know what to do with it looked up my order and said there was a hold/cancellation but even if finance processed it through as per my request the neither I nor she would even be able to see it till tomorrow.  Today comes.  Order number doesn't work.  Customer number doesn't show anything as well as finance number not registering.  I just want a laptop.  If call I shouldn't have to research into it.  U guys should communicate it and give a proper answer.  I shouldn't be going from call to call to get an answer.  

I then get a letter showing the account I can pay to for an order I can not even be sure exists...  Try to call it in and I cant get a rep because they are not 24/7.  Is this not a premium product.  Why can I not contact at all hours of the day.  I know with the markup and the amount of people that purchase the products that they can definitely afford it.  Seriously appalled at the lack of information surrounding my order.  Have never had such a difficult time getting a full answer.  The time I have sunk into looking up contact numbers and talking to reps is getting ridiculous.    I am an expensive guy per hour.  My work time costs enough for someone to pay for...  Imagine what my personal time is worth.  Maybe Cx support needs to be reworked.  I promise whatever inconvenience that comes with looking up my information isn't losing the company as much as the cost of my hourly time.  So aggravating. 

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