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Dell Performing in ILLEGAL activities!

Well that is of course unless you like faulty products that the manufacture can't fix, then refuses to offer a refund for weeks, than finally offers a refund takes the system and does not refund your money. Oh did I mention illegal activities? Read on.

Purchased my M18X late July 2012, paid on the Dell website via credit card. Received the system already a bad start, the box was all crumpled and torn. Disappointing as if that's what it did to the box, what did it do to my 5 thousand dollar laptop?

Second I turn the system on and windows finishes setup I have problems with the WIFI card, constantly dropping out. I contact tech support the day I received the system for help.  Long story short they tried multiple times via remote access to fix the problem no success, tried multiple times with a technician at my house no success. Than the system started developing more serious issues, nightly BSOD errors, memory dumps, the numpad and function keys were not lighting up, and others. 2 weeks messing around asking for a refund, always no you need to send it in for 1 more repair. Ok I say, they book to send it in the Sunday I had my surprise Bday party. When I told my parents suffice to say they were not happy, they had to cancel and tell family coming from overseas it was off. I was very upset too obviously. Anyway, Sunday comes hmmmmmm no call. I ring whats happened? oh a part has been delayed so we cant come fix it. Thats where I hit the roof, I canceled my party wasted hundreds of dollars on cakes, and the hall for my party deposits which were not refundable, and you could not even be bothered to ring me and tell me you cant come!? Just goes to show how much they care about their customers when they cant even pick the phone up!

Anyway 2 weeks ago Dell FINALLY decided to give me a refund, (only because I had contacted department of fair trading). They picked up the laptop and said I would receive a call in a few days to ask for my account details to process the refund. 2 weeks later no such thing has happened! I have had to ring multiple times and now there saying the payment has already been processed. How is that possible when you don't have my details I ask? Oh we don't need them since you paid via credit card we already have your details. That's mistake number 1, it is ILLEGAL to retain customer credit card details! So first off I will be reporting this to the federal police and I will also be contacting my bank. Funny, I have been in contact with Dells Executive Escalations Manager and even he has told me it is ILLEGAL for companies to do this, and that their system is not even capable of storing credit card details. So in other words Dell customer support is lying to me just to get me off the phone. Now they have the laptop, and they STILL wont give me my money back.

That's ok, looks like I have to go through with my actions. I have emailed both the ACCC and the Consumer Trade and Tennency Tribunal today and will give them a call tomorrow to see where we need to take this to. And Dell can have fun with the federal police.

First they give you 5 thousand dollar faulty products, then they come out and say wallah its all fixed! 2 minutes later the systems back to its old tricks. Than they refuse to give you a refund. Than they say ok we will refund, take the laptop and don't issue refund. Oh did I mention they lie to your face just to get you off the phone? Sorry, but never in my life did I even dream a company could care so little about their customers! And I thought Toshiba had poor customer support.............

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