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Dissatisfied Customer

I have been a Dell customer for many years.  I recently decided to purchase a television from Dell.  This purchase was made on 12/09/15.  The TV shipped via Pilot and was damaged out of the box.  I began calling Dell that night. (It was not delivered on time to begin with by the way) I was placed on hold the first time and held for approx 5 minutes.  Then the lady picked up and disconnected the call.  I called back and help for 27 minutes.  The guy said let me help you by transferring you to customer care.  He knew that department was closed when he transferred the call.  I called back 3 additional times that night and was not able to understand one of the people I talked to.  One finally started a replacement order for me.  He said it will be 10-12 days sorry.  This was a Christmas gift so no way I could get it prior to Christmas.  I have chatted, talked to more than 5 people over past week and a half.  My TV is still not here.  I'm furious and will never bother Dell again with my purchases.  The level of customer service you are providing is way below standards.  Your sense of urgency and care for the customer is not there.  I would love to speak to someone who I can understand that might  enlighten me as to why this has happened this way.  I am pretty certain as with the previous email I sent the will be no response again.  Raise your standards Dell you are not doing a good job!