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Poor Customer Service Resulting in a Lost Customer

I have been a Dell user for many decades.  For decades, I have bought Dell computers and even Dell cash registers.  Tech support has always been a problem, but the machines haven't fairly maintenance free. So I haven't needed to use tech support much. 

A week ago I ordered a new XPS as my current one is 5 years old and has a few problems.  So I went to the Dell website, opened my longstanding account and ordered a new XPS loaded with options.  I received an email giving me my purchase ID, and I thought I was good.  But my purchase never generated an order number.  

A few days later, I checked the order status only to find no order number.  So I inquired using the Purchase ID number and received a message that my order had problems and instructed me to call a number.  So I did. 

After waiting on hold for a long time someone answered.  I gave her all my particulars and explained the problem.  She then transferred me to another person and I again explained all my particulars and the problem once again.  He then told me I needed to talk to someone else and promptly transferred me back to the answering machine.  So after repeating all the routing questions again, and again waiting for a person to answer,  a person finally answered, and I gave all my particulars and explained my problem again.  That person again explained Dell's processes and transferred me to someone else in "Order Fulfillment".   When the order fulfillment person answered the phone, I again had to explain all my particulars and the problem.  The order fulfillment person then explained Dell procedures and processes to me and told me my order didn't have a customer number and therefore couldn't be processed.  I explained I have been a Dell customer for decades, as recently as a few years ago I had a Dell customer number.  So I told her to fix the order or cancel the order and she canceled. the order. 

And that my friends is why I'm no longer a Dell customer.  I'm purchasing an Apple MacBook Pro for the first time in my life.  Dell has always had *** poor customer service.  But they build pretty good boxes.  Not one in that morass did anyone apologize.  I wanted to buy a Dell computer.  I didn't and don't  want to work for Dell. I don't want to learn Dell's internal processes and become a source of free labor.  I just wanted to buy a laptop. 

As a longstanding Dell customer I just wanted to make my experience known to Dell management and hope they do something with it to improve their business.  I've used dell machines in my professional life, businesses, and personal affairs.  I hope someone in management reads this, and hopefully fix the problem. 

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RE: Poor Customer Service Resulting in a Lost Customer

I have also purchased dell for many years but never again. Unfortunately the hardware now mirrors thee poor quality of their customer service. I spoke to customer services last week ref the xps 13 I had just purchased for my son. Although I explained the reason for this was to replace the one that literally fell to bits, all they did was toto try and sell me a warranty. When I commented on their useless warranty not covering anything they did assure me it covered SOFTWARE. When I said software wasn't a problem to me but hardware was they didn't try any further.

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