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Problems with warranty/my service tag


I am having a hw issue with my precision m6800 (it turns itself on whether I shut down or hibernate the system. it is impossible to put the system into sleep mode, it loses power then turns on itself again), however, when I tried to get support via chat service, the agents were unable to help me saying I needed to contact support hotline(1-800-456-3355) but my call bounced between several different departments and I was unable to resolve the problem (around 50 min. mark I got disconnected). I have also tried the facebook customer support form and contacting via email. I hope someone can help me here. This laptop is given me as a gift and I am starting to believe that it is refurbished or something. I know for sure it was bought from a retailer and not dell.com. Anyway here are my problematic service tag and its corresponding express service code: <Admin note: Private data removed>

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RE: Problems with warranty/my service tag

This is very odd. The site tells us that the service tag country of origin is unknown. Our internal tool states, "System is back at Dell. On hold. Call collector". So according to our tools, this system was never sold by Dell. You will need to contact the giver and ask where they purchased it. They need to provide to you and Dell in your region the bill of sale, etc.

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