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Tech Support erased all of my files!

I called Dell Technical Support believing that they would be more educated than me instead the Tech Support erase all my files by Refreshing my computer. All I wanted her to restore my computer to a earlier date, she assure me that nothing going to be erase. I ask her more than once because where I am at I would not be able to get my Key number for my , MS office, Adobe Acrobat XI Pro, Filezilla, McAfee, The Logo Creator v4, and more. Now all my long months of works are up in the air! I do not want to say what is on my mind but I am <deleted profanity> mad. Instead all the Supervisor could say is sorry because they cannot retrieve my files or app that is erase from my computer after Refreshing it Window 8. My case number is <deleted your private information>. This is not right. I was a loyal Dell customer all my laptop is from Dell, I will never buy another Dell computer again!! I do not need to pay a tech support to <deleted profanity> my computer I can do it myself.

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Re: Erase all my files off my computer

Hi ,

Thanks for posting your comments and bringing this to our attention. We truly regret the inconvenience and frustration caused. It is genuinely sad to know that data was lost due to tech misunderstanding the issue. All chats are recorded so it shouldn't be difficult to check the conversation and ensure a proper feedback is given to the agent. The supervisor you spoke with has owned this case and I am sure he will call you back with the best possible solution. 

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Satya P
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