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SK Hynix SC308

I bought a "Dell" 250 gb ssd kit for my sons bare bones kit on 03/29/2107. The model is the SK Hynix sc308. It has already failed, and it is very difficult to get anyone at Dell to tell me if they can exchange this. Does anyone know who to contact about this? It supposedly has a 3 year warranty. I paid $159 for the kit so this is a little frustrating.  

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RE: SK Hynix SC308

This is an automated email sent from Dell. The following information is a log of your Dell Chat session. Please save this log for your records.
Your session ID for this incident is 79847599.



05/19/2017 08:46:32AM

Session Started with Agent (Sagar_Kholapure)

05/19/2017 08:46:32AM

timothy: " Dell 256GB internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Upgrade Kit for upgrading Dell Desktops and Notebooks - 2.5' SATA

05/19/2017 08:46:47AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Hello timothy. Thank you for contacting Dell Basic Warranty Support. My name is Sagar."

05/19/2017 08:47:28AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Can you explain the issue you have with your system?"

05/19/2017 08:47:45AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "And please let me know the service tag first."

05/19/2017 08:48:09AM

timothy: "This SDD drive has failed after 6 weeks in my sons desktop."

05/19/2017 08:48:32AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Okay."

05/19/2017 08:48:33AM

timothy: "His suystem is xxxxxxx"

05/19/2017 08:49:46AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Can you confirm that the System you need support with is OptiPlex 790 MT with Service Tag : xxxxxxxx?"

05/19/2017 08:50:21AM

timothy: "yes, but what I need is to return and/or exchange the ssd drive I bought in March 2017."

05/19/2017 08:50:50AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Thank you for your confirmation. I'd like to inform you that your System's Hardware Warranty expired on 1/14/2015."

05/19/2017 08:51:03AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Dell's Basic Warranty support provides assistance for 'In-Warranty' products. You may contact our Out-of-Warranty queue at (800) 288-4410. Thank you for your understanding."

05/19/2017 08:52:31AM

timothy: "The ssd has a 3 year warranty. I purchased it from Dell. It can be used externally. It is not related to this system at all. Who do I contact to just exchange this ssd?"

05/19/2017 08:53:33AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "I'm sorry but your system does not have a warranty."

05/19/2017 08:53:54AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "You need to contact above mentioned number."

05/19/2017 08:54:20AM

timothy: "ok will do."

05/19/2017 08:55:36AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Is there anything else that I may assist you with?"

05/19/2017 08:56:58AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "You can always get support for your PC, including diagnostic tests, driver downloads, how-to articles, videos, FAQs on www.Dell.com/Support."

05/19/2017 08:56:58AM

Agent (Sagar_Kholapure): "Thank you for choosing Dell. Wish you a wonderful day ahead."

05/19/2017 08:56:59AM

Agent sent nudge

05/19/2017 08:57:42AM

Session Ended - Nudge

05/19/2017 08:57:42AM

Session Ended

If you require further assistance, please visit us at support.dell.com

Do they really know what they are doing??? Very sad. 

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RE: SK Hynix SC308

OK Dell customer support or whatever you are. I give up. No more wasting hours of my time on a simple part return. You win and you lose. I have purchased several systems from you but now will look for a company that actually cares about their customers. 

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