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Missing disk group

Hi All

I have a DD660 on with enough memory and license appropriate, but disk group missing, after upgrade from  The DDOS upgrade 'appeared' to fail, but still shows its upgraded to  Any ideas?

Memory Usage Summary

Total memory:   16025 MiB

Free memory:    950 MiB 

Total swap:     12287 MiB

Free swap:      12287 MiB

Current Alerts


Alert Id   Time                       Severity   Class     Object   Message                 

--------   ------------------------   --------   -------   ------   -------------------------

138        Tue Jul  7 15:03:19 2015   ALERT      Storage            1 Disk group is missing.

--------   ------------------------   --------   -------   ------   -------------------------

There is 1 active alert.

Disk Show State


Enclosure   Disk                                           

            1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9  10 11 12 13 14 15 16

---------   ------------------------------------------------

1           .  .  .  .  s  .  .  .  .  .  .  .             

2           v  v  v  v  v  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K  K 

---------   ------------------------------------------------

Legend   State             Count

------   ---------------   -----

        In Use Disks      11  

s        Spare Disks       1   

v        Available Disks   5   

K        Known Disks       11  

------   ---------------   -----

Total 28 disks


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Re: Missing disk group


You're going to need to open a Service Request to get this matter fixed.  Did you upgrade from straight to  It's recommended that systems go to before upgrading to 5.x.  If you have a support contract, please open a ticket and let our Hardware team review this for you.

Best Regards,

Patrick Betts

DataDomain NET TSE

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Re: Missing disk group

Can you print the CLI output from "license show local"?  The broken upgrade might have affected your license in an odd way.

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Re: Missing disk group

Hi Karl,

Thank you for being so helpful.  To be honest, the ES20 came with purchase, which would mean this would be under the non-shelf capacity license.  So this ES20 doesn't require any license per 'grand fathering' of KB 182089 via pre DDOS 5.1

Incorrect reporting shown for ES20 enclosures


This document provides instructions to find out if the incorrect total shown for ES20 enclosures is because of old ES20’s that was sold without capacity license.


All Data Domain systems

DD OS 5.1 and later


Capacity licensing was introduced in DD OS5.1. Old ES20 enclosures did not require capacity licensing and should be recognized and available for use.


Check the serial numbers for the ES20 attached using the command enclosure show topology

Check if the ES20 is a pre DD OS 5.1 shelf which does not require a license. Licensed ES20 enclosure will always have the following format:

SHU0xxxxxx2xxxx or SHU1xxxxxx2xxxx

3. ES20 Enclosures that do not fall into the catagory listed above do not require a capacity license and will not claim a license. Example SHU0945847LB909

Any other ideas/recommendations?

All the best,


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