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Alienware Aurora R5 waking from sleep every night

Around 3am every night my Alienware Aurora R5 wakes from sleep. The fans whirr for 5 minutes, then it seems to go to sleep again, but every 5 minutes or so after that it wakes again. To make matters worse, if I tell it to shut down, it will not actually shut down and power off simply close all my apps and take me to the windows login screen.

I've gone through every setting I can find relating to waking and turned it off, including disabling wake timers for every power power plan, disabling AlienFX and Always Ready Mode, going into Schedulers and disabling the Windows Update task from waking the PC, and going to the ethernet settings and disabling wake on magic packet. I've also tried unplugging the mouse.

Last night at 3am I typed in powercfg /lastwake to see if I could find out what caused it to wake but all it said was "type unknown"

I'm running out of ideas for how to stop this, and since the computer is in my bedroom near my bed, is giving me sleep deprivation as well.

Any suggestions for how I can resolve this?

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RE: Alienware Aurora R5 waking from sleep every night

3:00am is windows update standard time to install and reboot.  There are also bios wake settings.  Easiest fix is to put on power strip and shut off after shut down.

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RE: Alienware Aurora R5 waking from sleep every night

Scanned thoroughly for malware recently?


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RE: Alienware Aurora R5 waking from sleep every night

Best to post this in the Alienware Owners Club Forum, here:




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RE: Alienware Aurora R5 waking from sleep every night

thanks all. a browse through the windows event log showed a lot of activity from DellDigitalDelivery, DellUpdate, Dell Foundation Services during these times.

SO I manually stopped all Alienware and Dell services before putting computer to sleep and so far have had two uninterrupted nights. When I can face being woken again I might try to narrow it down further as I suspect only one of those services is the culprit

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