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(Dell XPS 8700) CPU Upgrade Possible With i7 7700k?


so I want to upgrade my current CPU to a i7 7700K inside my XPS 8700, but I was wondering is it still possible and will work just fine? I haven't seen anyone do a 8700 upgrade with a i7 7700k, and was wondering if the mobo is even compatible with the 7700k. Haha I am a PCNewbie, and don't want to make any mistake. If not possible, shall I upgrade the motherboard? But however if it does work, will I need to upgrade my Dell 460w PSU? If so, can you link me any good models I should go for?

Also, I look to do some video editing/rendering, and is 12gb fine for that? 16 is what people say is good, however is it really a big difference?

Anyone wondering what model my XPS 8700 is, can't find the exact link or anything, but I know it had:

GT 635  (I upgraded to GTX 970)

i7 4770

12gb Ram

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RE: (Dell XPS 8700) CPU Upgrade Possible With i7 7700k?

Thank you for your message.

The 7700K processor is not compatible with the motherboard, the architecture is completely different & will not fit in.

Technically the power supply you have would suffice unless you plan to upgrade other devices like the graphic card & depends on the number of peripherals connected.

We would recommend a minimum of 500 W power supply for this unit with the upgrade.

The system has 4 memory slots & can be upgraded to a maximum of 32GB with DDR3 1600 MHz. A 16 GB upgrade is recommend if this is used for editing purpose. 

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RE: (Dell XPS 8700) CPU Upgrade Possible With i7 7700k?

Thank you very much! Do you recommend any motherboards/PSUs in the market that I can upgrade my XPS 8700 to? Will replacing the current mobo be a challenge?

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RE: (Dell XPS 8700) CPU Upgrade Possible With i7 7700k?

You aren't telling us why you want to upgrade.

Also, you haven't told us your budget?

To be candid there are very few reasons to upgrade a core i7 with a 4770. It is a solid system, and nearly as fast as current generation systems.

I would:

1) add a solid state drive like a samsung evo 850 as the boot drive. SATA 3 is fine.

2) upgrade RAM to at least 16GB

3) If you are gaming, upgrade the graphics card, and then you might need a new power supply.

I would not upgrade the MoBo or the CPU. If I really needed a new CPU, I'd build a new system around it with everything new. Nothing in the 8700 really is worth carrying forward, except  maybe the keyboard and mouse.

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