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Inspiron 620 MT - CPU Upgrade i7 3770?

Hey, I'm just wondering if anybody can confirm that a i7 3770 processor will fit in place of a i5 2320 that came with the PC when I bought it?

I know the socket is correct: 1155

But I need to know if the heatsink and bios will support it?

I have upgraded my PSU to support my new GPU, but want to upgrade my CPU without buying a new Motherboard...

Any help would be appreciated! Smiley Happy

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RE: Inspiron 620 MT - CPU Upgrade i7 3770?


It's doubtful, please read the following:




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RE: Inspiron 620 MT - CPU Upgrade i7 3770?

Hi piiickard,

Dell has not tested Inspiron 620 with i7 processor. It may or may not work with the system although the socket type as you have mentioned is the same.

 Dell does not recommend or offer processor upgrade but it is as your discretion in case you really wish to go ahead with it. Warranty per say, issues arising due to the upgrade will not be covered under warranty; however we will continue providing support for other issues and parts. 

Feel free to reply if you have any other questions. I will be glad to assist you. 

Thanks & Regards
Amogh G
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