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To know which, if any, messages in a thread I am following are new and unread, I must set preferances to expanded view.

This means I must click "Next" to follow the thread.

This means, to get back to the Message Listing, either click the "back" button as many times as I
clicked the "Next" button, or click "Message Listing".
Unfortunately, this takes me back to the top of the
message list, rather than where I was.

This means that I must either remember what page of the message list I was on, or work my way down the board AGAIN.

The alternative to the "Next" button is the list that appears at the bottom of the message. Unfortunately this frequently requires much scrolling.

Any way around this?

-- sarah
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RE: Message Listing


The theory is that the WebBoard will change the color of the title of the messages you have read from dark blue to light blue, which means in expanded view the only ones in dark blue are the ones you haven't read. You can read them individually by clicking on their title rather than on "Next."

However, this works intermittently so far and when I log off the forum and return all the messages are once again in dark blue. I have reported it to Dell and I'm sure they'll implement the necessary change to make it easier to read ONLY those messages we haven't already seen (he said, hopefully).

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