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New XPS 730 - Nvidia GTX 280 Video card problem!

Hello, I recently bought a Dell XPS 730 Desktop.
It arrived at my door just yesterday and worked fine until today.
I didn't overclock anything/mess around with BIOS, but today my video card's fan is not working.
The light on my video card indicates that its recieving power, but the fan is not working.
I am pretty sure it is fitted in correctly, as the fan starts spinning for about a second before my entire
system shuts down automatically. Then when I boot it up again the fan doesn't spin at all. Please help,
I just got this system yesterday and I'm out of ideas! Is the video card defective??
edit: I also plugged the video card into all my PCIE slots but it still doesnt work.
I've also noticed that my fans are going @ 100% suddenly, it was very quiet yesterday.

I'm calling XPS support but they said they are having technical difficulties and they can't take calls right now.. =( 

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Re: New XPS 730 - Nvidia GTX 280 Video card problem!

Since this is a new system, the best option is to call Dell support.  If there is a faulty part only Dell support can take care of that problem.

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