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Sound Card Latency + RANT

I just bought a brand spanking new Dell XPS 8900.  My intention is to use it to record realtime audio via a Line 6 UX2, a software driver sound processor specifically for recording).   When i tried it initially there was a delay in the sound creation and the sound coming from the speaker.    I called Dell support, got shuffled around a bit, and found someone who solved the problem by repeatedly installing the Sountec Drivers.    Well, for some reason, (I suspect perhaps a Windows Update??),  when I tried it there was no sound coming from the UX2.  I had to reinstall the drivers for the UX2 and I heard sound but the latency was back.   I spent 2 hours on the phone with Dell support.  I spoke to 5 or 6 different techs who seemed to only want to transfer me from hardward to software support and back again.  The previous time that I got this solved was not nearly as painful.  I was told that my NEW Dell Computer was not covered for this type of issue and that I would have to purchase additional services to get it repaired.  I refused.  I have seen this issue mentioned many times in this and other forums so it is not specific to me.  AND, one tech that I spoke to for the original call WAS able to get it working properly.  Can anyone help? 

<RANT>   I have purchased 6 dell desktops over the last 15 or so years.  This will be the last one.  The service is non-existent and the techs seemed content to just transfer me to someone else.  No one took ownership of my issue.  When I complained to a supervisor her offered me a discount on the maintenance agreement he was tryinng to seel me!!!  As far as I am concerned, these offshore support techs should be told that THEY REPRESENT DELL to the customer!!!  I am so frustrated by this experience that I would love to take this desktop machine and drop it on their doorstep!  I  guess I am going to have to go to a MAC if I ever want a machine that does more than Youtube videos and MS Office.   </RANT>

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RE: Sound Card Latency + RANT



This is an Ancient VACUUUUM Tube USB interface that works with Ancient MAC OS on Powermac hardware. Latest OS they list is Tiger OSX 10.4  with G4 800Mhz. Up to date hardware for this would be Apple PowerMac G5 A1177 2.3GHz Dual-Core.  Every powermac I have ever owned is still working and in use today just not by me.  Hard drives die after a few years so you want one that uses SATA drives.




This is not dell hardware and not supported by dell.

I would recommend getting a powermac G5 non liquid cooled version cuz the 2.5Ghz and 2.7 GHz units leak and die to run this hardware.  The Newest Mac that would run this might be 2006 to 2010 Mac Pro with OSX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard and Rosetta Software based on the G4 powermac drivers.

Otherwise I have serious Doubts that this runs on OSX 10.10 or 10.11 or ANY Intel Based macs past Snow Leopard based on the Powermac Drivers.


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