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System Recovery to Fix Update for Internet Explorer


For the past 2 months Internet Explorer 11 has been attempting to install but to no avail.  I have run every Mr. Fix It and Troubleshooting tool suggested by Microsoft.  I have also tried a clean boot with no success.  According to the troubleshooting tool the error responsible for the trouble is 80070490:  CBS Manifest corruption.  I also ran the System Update Readiness Tool which could not fix the issue.  My only recourse is a recovery.

I received a Recovery Tool usb stick from Dell after I purchased my computer from KMart a year ago.  However, I do not know how to run it.  According to Microsoft's instructions to run the toll I am to click the "Setup" link.  There is not a "setup" link that I can find.  I have checked all the folders and still could not find a way to start the tool.  Unfortunately, I am not computer savy but to me there appears to be a problem with the tool.  I put it in one port yet folders appears on two drives; one drive is red in color which I guess means it is full.

Also, I cannot find any Recovery information on my computer.  I mistakenly deleted DataSafe earlier this year and do not know if the information was there.  When I click the E drive although a portion of it is blue, there are no files.

I hope someone can assist me.

Thank you.

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RE: System Recovery to Fix Update for Internet Explorer

A text document in the Recovery key reads as follows:

Dell Direct Key 1.0.1
Part Number RXTXK

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