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U2715H picture seems to warm on standard


I just bought an new U2715H monitor and the standard picture already seems way to warm. Like a few thousand Kelvin.

I tried the display on a Macbook Pro and on a PC with Win10 with the same results.

I placed an Apple Thunderbolt display next to it both at a color temperature of 6500K and even compared the screens to printed photos from a professional lab.

The colors of the Thunderbolt display matched those of the photos, the Dell seems to be way off.

Would you recommend a replacement or should I get another model?

I don't think that a hardware calibration would be of any value since the display is already hardware calibrated from factory with a delta of <3.

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RE: U2715H picture seems to warm on standard

Dell doesn't support OSX or apple hardware



From Mac OS X System Preferences panel open the Displays applet

Ensure you display is set to the Native resolution (LCD's should always be set to the native resolution otherwise images will appear soft)

Ensure Colors is set to Millions

Set the Brightness slider to your preferred value (the Apple default is approximately  60%, although a slightly brighter level might be necessary on aging displays).

Choose the Color tab

Search the list of Display Profiles for one that matches your display and select it. In truth this step shouldn't be required since the calibration utility automatically picks up the necessary data from the display via the DVI/ADC connector.

Press the Calibrate button.

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