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XPS 435T i7-980x help...do you know???

I just bought an XPS 435T/9000 from Dell Outlet which had listed in the description an Intel Core i7-980x (Gulftown) processor.  When I turned it on, the BIOS said i7-920 (and so did Windows 7 x64 Pro.)  The BIOS is up-to-date.

Of course, I chatted with support right away and they say they will send me the i7-980x to swap out with the i7-920.

Now I'm concerned.  Is there supposed to be a different motherboard for the 435T's i7-980x vs. the i7-920?

Even worse, I looked up the support history for my system by service tag and it doesn't give me any warm fuzzies AT ALL!  It looks like the motherboard was replaced at least once (if I can decypher the entries correctly.)  Some older entries say the data is not available.

I guess I should have done my research before spending a pretty penny (yet on a nicely loaded system)...but it's done. The system boots and runs fine for the brief period that I did run it.

Should I just return the whole system?

Advice, comments, help???



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Re: XPS 435T i7-980x help...do you know???

Both the i7-920 and the i7-980x are both socket 1366 processors. So there is no need to swap out the motherboard to move from one CPU to the next. Looking at the manual and specs, the only MB part number I could find is 0X501H.

As far as the history of the machine, you may never find out why the machine was returned to Dell. It could be there were troubles with the motherboard.

I have purchased several machines from the outlet. They have all performed just as well as new machines.

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Re: XPS 435T i7-980x help...do you know???

Just an FYI tidbit:

Dell sold its outlet operation to Genco about a year ago - apparently Genco was already contracted to handle the shipping logistics, but didn't own the actual refurbishing plant.    Whether that means the outlet quality is now better, worse, or the same, I have no earthly idea - I have only one Dell from the outlet that's still running like a champ, but it was bought 3 years ago.



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